Why We Continue To Avoid Self Love

Instead of reaching for the stars, we pick up the closest two-by-four to use in beating ourselves for not achieving our goals. We cannot seem to move out of our own way. Numerous  life-show stoppers prevent us from loving ourself. Have you actually ever stopped to consider the one person you have a life time…Read more »

Mindful Traveling

A week ago I returned home from driving approximately 6100 miles from Virginia to the Southwest and many places in between. I have traveled in the past with friends but this was a solo adventure. In fact, I do this Sacred Pilgrimage once a year. It is my traveling Spirit Quest. I have traveled frequently…Read more »

The Energy and Power of Words

     Not to blame astrological influences but to own who I am…being born an Aquarian with an Aries ascendant, and a Moon in Leo, I have been guilty more than twice in my adult life of speaking or hitting send before I take that ever so wonderful solution of “PAUSE”, and saying this prayer…Read more »

Co-existing With the Healed and Unhealed

Being an observer of people, even while participating, I am granted opportunities in my co-existence as I move about the world. I have a belief that I, at various times, run into the same relationship with a different face. The relationship has gone through cycles , and when I am needing to grow and raise my vibration…Read more »