Aligning With Ourselves Creates Clarity On All Levels

How do we know we are out of alignment with our inner self? A big clue is when we are indecisive. We may keep researching online, keep asking different people for their opinion concerning our situation, but we still feel like a hamster chasing its tail running on a wheel, getting nowhere , staying stuckContinue reading “Aligning With Ourselves Creates Clarity On All Levels”

When Receiving Is More Challenging Than Giving

Part of my journey in claiming my Authentic Self and Striving to be the best version of myself brought the awareness that I wanted equal relationships within all my connections. To go deeper it was necessary I looked at friendships, partnerships, business, and family relationships. I have come to the place in my life thatContinue reading “When Receiving Is More Challenging Than Giving”

Willing To Follow The Path Of Least Resistance

I am constantly reminded when I pay attention and align with nature how my life flows easier. As I reflect on the harmony of how each season of the year teaches us I can apply that wondrous balance to my personal life. We humans often look at situations that we perceive to be uncomfortable andContinue reading “Willing To Follow The Path Of Least Resistance”

Are You Abandoning Yourself?

Are you practicing self abandonment ? How is that possible when you are always with you, taking yourself into all relationships, all situations? When we reject, ignore our needs and conscious desires, value time and energy we give others but do not value ourselves, criticize and judge ourselves with demeaning words and thoughts, and doContinue reading “Are You Abandoning Yourself?”

What If You Knew You Could Live An Amazing Life ?

I spent much energy and thought on how my life could be better. At some points I thought it would be better if I had more of this or that. Then at other times I was sure if I had less ..less stuff, less responsibilities, less thinking, less time to get it all done inContinue reading “What If You Knew You Could Live An Amazing Life ?”