A Different Perspective

Reflecting on various times in my life of wanting an outcome to come to fruition according to my deepest desires and best laid out plans , the challenges of watching loved ones at the end of their lives breathing their final breaths wondering when their end would come, crawling through unhealthy relationship patterns wishing myContinue reading “A Different Perspective”

The Beckoning Call of Responsibility

Sometime back in 2012 I read a book by Sun Bear, sacred teacher and medicine chief, entitled “Black Dawn, Bright Day“. This inspirational book was full of environmental prophecy foretelling what was coming in our world, which geographic locations would be most affected , and gave specific recommendations of what each of us could doContinue reading “The Beckoning Call of Responsibility”

The Misunderstood Practice of Surrender

Most of us have strong ideas of what we want to receive, obtain, and experience whether it is a certain relationship, job, home, money, health, or peace of mind. We get the idea in our thoughts, focusing, even obsessing on how, who, what, and when the illusive situation will drop onto our silver platter ofContinue reading “The Misunderstood Practice of Surrender”

Sharing My Newsletter With You

https://conta.cc/2G8eBZ2 Once a month I offer to my subscribers of my newsletter a short article or information plus current offerings from Jaguarwind Enterprises. I thought I would share this month’s newsletter on my blog . Feel free to click on the link, subscribe, or ignore. My healing business is located in central Virginia, and currentlyContinue reading “Sharing My Newsletter With You”

Is It Time To Re-Write Our Sacred Soul Contracts?

I have been observing the bundled fear-anger package so many of the “Collective” have claimed, owned, and bought into . From the onset of the Panademic of 2020 coined as the Time of Enforced Stillness, I chose to use the opportunity presented as a time to do deeper inner work of patterns, beliefs, and subtleContinue reading “Is It Time To Re-Write Our Sacred Soul Contracts?”