Pulling Myself Up By My Bootstraps

There have been two significant times of the year throughout my life that major shifts and changes have occurred that keep repeating in cycles of time. One has been a series of Decembers. The other has been between Mid March to Mid April. Decembers : December,1977 Graduated with Bachelor’s Degree. December,1984 Graduated with Master’s Degree.Continue reading “Pulling Myself Up By My Bootstraps”

The Beckoning Call of Responsibility

Sometime back in 2012 I read a book by Sun Bear, sacred teacher and medicine chief, entitled “Black Dawn, Bright Day“. This inspirational book was full of environmental prophecy foretelling what was coming in our world, which geographic locations would be most affected , and gave specific recommendations of what each of us could doContinue reading “The Beckoning Call of Responsibility”

Embracing Calm In A World of Chaos

I have been watching my world and yours deluged with horrific hurricanes, earthquakes,  and politico anger in the past  few years. It does seem humanity is sitting on the crux of possible extinction. People are grieving for the world we no longer have. Many people are expressing  their thoughts through   anger, rage, aggression, andContinue reading “Embracing Calm In A World of Chaos”