Listening From The Heart

I learned from an early age to pay attention to the body   language and energies  of those around me. Like many of us I grew up in a dysfunctional world in households of mixed messages. However, I was clueless that what I thought were great communication skills on my part were only instinctual protective…Read more »

Embracing Calm In A World of Chaos

I have been watching my world and yours deluged with horrific hurricanes, earthquakes,  and politico anger in the past  few years. It does seem humanity is sitting on the crux of possible extinction. People are grieving for the world we no longer have. Many people are expressing  their thoughts through   anger, rage, aggression, and…Read more »

Inner Transformation Journey

You begin to view the world from an inner place when you have walked through a transformation of such a magnitude as if you are viewing life from the perception of the caterpillar as it emerges into a butterfly…you witness those who point fingers in judgment and who may make up accusations that they believe…Read more »

Freedom Calling Me

I know I must have Gypsy Blood somewhere in my lineage! I just cannot stay put in one place, and the older I get, the more freedom my Spirit screams it must have! I  put  all that would not fit in my car in storage , headed about 5 1/2  hours away to hang out…Read more »

Feeling Adventure In My Skin

For many years I have known that I could not stay in one place without wanderlust pulling at my soul. For this reason I have changed jobs, moved from hither to yon, and traveled as often as I could fit wandering into my life. Often work interfered and even sometimes partners did not understand my…Read more »