Finally Letting Go Of Stale Things In Life

How often so many of us hold on to ideas, situations, people, and things we love. Over time we may have attached to different aspects that initially we claimed to love and adore. Our attachment often is sandwiched in emotional clinging and refusal to surrender and let go. I remember a poster I had inContinue reading “Finally Letting Go Of Stale Things In Life”

When Receiving Is More Challenging Than Giving

Part of my journey in claiming my Authentic Self and Striving to be the best version of myself brought the awareness that I wanted equal relationships within all my connections. To go deeper it was necessary I looked at friendships, partnerships, business, and family relationships. I have come to the place in my life thatContinue reading “When Receiving Is More Challenging Than Giving”

Are You Abandoning Yourself?

Are you practicing self abandonment ? How is that possible when you are always with you, taking yourself into all relationships, all situations? When we reject, ignore our needs and conscious desires, value time and energy we give others but do not value ourselves, criticize and judge ourselves with demeaning words and thoughts, and doContinue reading “Are You Abandoning Yourself?”

Resilience Is Your SuperPower

We came from ancestors who survived Tyrannosaurus Rex viewing people as their entree and those who walked before us who faced earth changes and near annihilation . Our DNA carries Survivor-Resilience. Repeatedly, I reflect on past cultures and what we have forgotten. Thriving in times of unexpected chaos can awaken within each of us solutionsContinue reading “Resilience Is Your SuperPower”

Key to Inner Peace: Detachment

Have you ever reflected upon attachments you hold to a person or a specific outcome of a situation? I have looked at this often in my life, and have reached repeatedly the same AHA conclusions. My unhealthy attachments are always rooted in fear, and that shadow feature I love to hate: a desire to control.Continue reading “Key to Inner Peace: Detachment”

Dare To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Reflecting on my early childhood the moments I felt most alive were experiences and adventures embracing the great outdoors. I thrived climbing a pine tree not caring my Mother would not be happy with me that pine resin was stuck in my long, thick hair! As a curious child, I embraced and was filled withContinue reading “Dare To Be The Best Version Of Yourself”