Claiming Peace

A tree never forgets its roots anymore than I can forget the skin covering my body. Recently I visited my hometown, and made a surprising discovery. I was only there for two full days…to have my annual physical and to check out the burial markers of my parents who  both left this world in 2017.…Read more »


I know many people who would never dream of leaving their home town, the home that holds all their belongings, or the place they have resided for a very long time. As the holidays are approaching, my thoughts return to the home of my childhood, those life long memories with my family of origin. Those…Read more »

The Energy Of Relationships

Reality is stranger than what your mind has convinced you to believe. It is even stranger than what the majority of our population has bought into. The truth and fact  of quantum physics is just this: EVERYTHING is energy and energy is everything! If more people truly understood that everything is energy, and that all…Read more »