Living In A Time Now With Opportunities of Transformation

I have walked through many opportunities in my life. Some of them took me a while to see each situation as blessings and opportunities for immense change. I remember when President John F. Kennedy died. I marched in protest of the Vietnam War. I cried at racial injustice throughout my lifetime. I stood with other women not as a “feminist” but as sister of peace. I stood with men as a supporter of courage, sensitivity, and balance. I have watched divisions and separation of people from each other based on skin color, beliefs, opinions, and other situations. As a child who actively lived through the Sixties, even in my youth and pre-teen years, I believed we were each equals and reflections of each other.

I am completely convinced we of Humanity are being given the greatest opportunity of all time to embrace Unity, to stand together as we uphold our Core Values. I do not have to prove you wrong to make myself right. My and your ancestors were people who stood tall in the face of adversity. Their strength and perseverance paved the way to show us each there is another way to co-exist with all living things.

I often refer to the pandemic that showed up in 2000 as the time when the world changed. I have no doubt we , for decades, have vocalized something needs to change. Energy flows where attention goes. Ancient cultures taught the wisdom of embracing the Natural World as a teacher and that the balance of the Sacred Feminine/Sacred Masculine within each of our inner selves was a catalyst to achieving the Peace Within each being seeks.

We got so absorbed in getting ahead, in being Number One cloaked in the patterns of “Self” that we began leaving behind what we sought …connections with each other. We became obsessed with our electronic devices, the ability to rant and rave on social media, and the accepted verbal diarrhea of condemning those whose ideas and opinions differed from our own.

As I see it, more and more public displays of the Great Wake Up Reset are beyond the proverbial tap on our Collective Shoulders . The push is strongly felt by all that it is indeed a time of transformative opportunities to first do our own inner work surrendering all that truly does not serve us, and then, to come together in harmonic peace IN SPITE OF OUR DIFFERENCES.

Allowing short and long term relationships of all kinds to either thrive or be released, nurturing our planet and all its inhabitants, and being willing to release the “I am right, you are wrong Syndrome” via the power of the only real element: the power of Love and Light will be the legacy we can choose….or will we continue as a species to fall further into the depths of darkness believing this is our destiny?

Yes, it is the time with opportunities. My ancestors showed me strength comes from honoring my Personal Power and making viable choices with the awareness fueled by actions based on my Core Values. If I am practicing being true to myself with self love and self compassion, it is highly likely I will be offering this same opportunity to you, to Nature, and to the planet. It is not too late for the Collective to become the best version of ourselves. The question is sandwiched in Willingness and Courage. Light and Love or Bitterness and Resentments? Fear or Love? Being Comfortable In Our Own Skins or Shaking In Fear as we did when Tyrannosaurus Rex was about to enjoy us for dinner? Seize the opportunity or bury our heads in the sand? Choices.


The Peace In Not Taking Things For Granted

I really want to want to believe I am a person who flows through life like a floating cloud detached from the material world. Then something happens such as the world changing in front of my surprised face giving me a golden opportunity to question if how I am living my life is the way I really want to live it!

Here is how the revelation came to me. First I began noticing products I have enjoyed using for decades were gone because companies who created them went out of business. Medical practitioners I had partnered with either shut down or re-located were no longer my option to enjoy. Disruptions in shipping having a direct impact on availability of merchandise I assumed was always there when I wanted it suddenly seemed to be in a state of lack. Then came the strangeness of not knowing if someone I passed on the street was smiling back at me because most of us were masked due to the COVID-19 Pandemic .

I conceded to the Universe that indeed my attention had been awakened to things I, Ms. Go With The Flow, had been taking for granted! I dove deeper. I see now yet another gift of how the world changed seemingly because of a virus was being shown to me. Actually this is just another layer of my proverbial onion that has continued to unpeel its layers since I became conscious of what is really true! I saw , and not with my initial reaction of jumping for joy, that those things (and people) I took for granted offered me yet another illusion…a false sense of security relating to permanence when in reality was not permanent or secure in the first place! The truth revealed is it was my emotional attachment to all I had been taking for granted!

So here came the question my committee who lives inside my head asked at one of our late night meetings: if I, the wise and powerful, knew nothing lasts forever, why oh why did I treat things, situations, and people as if they did?

Here came the positive news from this awareness. What if I made the intention and followed through in effortful grounding of the foundation of standing in the present moment? My inner Committee all shook their proverbial heads in affirming head nods of “Yes!”. In the Present moment I can see the value of relationships, things, and situations to a greater degree, and carry within myself the acceptance and solutions of change when change comes. After all, change is the only constant!

I am the first to admit living in the present is not easy. It is easier to create distractions that allow ourselves to wander aimlessly away from living in that place of specific things that matter the most. My great mind..really is responsible for most of my inner struggles and suffering and the Creator of that turmoil of the “What If Syndrome “. You know, what if I lose what I have or don’t get what I want!

I think I will return to being grateful for what and who is present in this moment, and minimizing taking for granted much of anything.


Following The Path Beckoning You

I am comfortable today knowing I march to the beat of my own drum. Even as a child I knew I viewed the world with a different perspective. Please know that I would never consider myself to be a feminist. However, growing up as an intuitive visionary in the Southern United States, I curiously observed males culturally assigned to accepted roles and females following along especially in the South using sweet, endearing phrases suggestive of sugar melting in mouths. Although at times timid in my youth I was never one to keep quiet and go along with the crowd. I suspect those who did even decades ago were inwardly seething and stuffing their feelings as they chose a path of what appeared to be of the least resistance of safe choices. I used to believe this was only characteristic of females until the year the world changed and I watched in absolute shock and even disbelief of how many people of both genders in all cultures instead of following a path that probably had always been calling them, continued on a straight line of stuck and perhaps unfulfilled lives. Furthermore, I read their social media posts and heard statements verbalized of shifts happening but still the majority looked to me to be stuck in the old paradigm. Truly actions speak much louder than words!! Yes I know change can be scary but when we think and act as we always have, our reality of manifestation experiences what we always have gotten.

My opinion as an active proverbial cliff jumper who has many times in adulthood left my comfort zone to follow the path that not only beckoned me but screamed loudly that if I ( and we )stayed in a box created and forced upon by the old paradigm we would either become physically, emotionally, or mentally sick and/or become loud , unhappy, stressed verbal proponents of we must do life differently as we watch the destruction of humanity crumbling in front of us. Maybe people have to get gut wrenching angry to realize the path they are so entrenched in wearing the same old shoes of cemented quicksand of thoughts and ideas as they pretend to enjoy self imposed prisons of daily inner illusions is not working .

If you feel I am being extremely or even slightly judgmental perhaps the buttons I am pushing are only because your true path has been louder than your buying into the need to stay safe. Are you really safe? Long ago I heard it is never too late to have a happy childhood. My new mantra based on years of marching to the beat of my own drum is It is never too late to have a happy adulthood! Don’t create a new box…throw that box concept away, and risk following the path that summons you. You just might find when you jump off your cliff of ”safety” you will amazingly discover you had wings of freedom tucked inside your shoulders all along.


The Importance of Being Transparent

There was a time in my adult life that I held back from certain people who I really was. I would present myself one way with certain friends and colleagues, and hide parts of myself from others. When I speak of transparency I am referring to being honest and open. Many people are wrapped up in a illusive sandwich of perfection and looking/sounding good, even to their closest allies. Most likely their apprehension to be transparent is cloaked in insecure fears and a lack of trusting themselves . As a result their personal power is squashed in a field of fearing to be vulnerable, and a deep seeded mistrust within themselves.

The day I stepped off my cliff of what I thought was protection, I became aware I had claimed wings of authenticity, and simultaneously made the decision to be the same in all settings. I began speaking from my heart, and did not need to hide any aspects of myself as I once had believed were necessary.

As I am reflecting on how freeing being transparent really is, I am aware of a few people in my life who are still intimidated by this. Though it seems that they judge various aspects of my life that I freely share, it is really their self judgment they are projecting onto me. I am an intuitive people observer and I often view these people making ostentatious statements of what they know about the world, and even voicing facts they believe about me! I am aware this trait is only their self protection of their insecurities and lack of self trust. Knowing this is really what is going on within them prevents me from disliking or judging their actions. I only am aware of this because before I was transparent this is exactly how I behaved in the world!

As a transparent woman I am empowered to be my best advocate of personal truths and as a result I continually attract connections with people who not only trust me, but also value me. Not sure if it is the chicken-egg story of what came first…did I trust and risk myself to be vulnerable and transparent first or did I first attract people who were showing me being transparent and claiming core values in almost all areas of their lives was a message of being authentically real ? Most of my current tribe of close friends are those who do trust themselves, are transparent and vulnerable, and truly exude their authenticity. At times I am challenged by those who choose not to be this way, but believe in my heart perhaps they , too, one day will jump off their own proverbial cliff of what they perceive to be self protection, and become vulnerable, and maybe not be wound so tightly.

Long ago I learned to ask myself questions and these three questions really increase and validate my choice in being transparent :

  1. Is how I share and respond with people honoring who I have become?
  2. Does being vulnerable prevent me from trying to be a people pleaser?
  3. Does sharing the honest truth of who I am make me feel comfortable in my own skin?

Unearthing the hole of needing to hide was like finding a buried treasure and opened to me the truth that transparency is important and part of the me I always wanted to be but did not know where to start.


Claiming Peace In A Chaotic World

In the midst of global upheaval cloaked in suffering and chaos the Collective Consciousness is wrapped in fearful anticipations of what may be our future. Since mid 2020 I have watched as those in spiritual communities spouting their way is THE way, those in challenging medical situations, conspiracy believers, those who have lost hope, as well as visionaries who hold steadfast to the inner wisdom we of Humanity are experiencing the Great Re-Set. Intense emotions of hate, anger, fear, frustration, powerlessness, confusion, and sadness seem to block so many from a feeling of safety and inner serenity. How can we each resolve our struggle with finding inner peace?

Trust me when I tell you I am not blind to what is going on in the external world. However, having walked through a series of life altering situations that I was sure would not end in my own survival, I am a witness that claiming and owning inner peace is not only possible but is attainable for each of us. That being said, if we do what we have always done, we will get what we have always gotten.

I have come to believe that peace begins with the L word..no, not lust, longing, or light. What I believe is , it is about love. The greater emphasis and actions I take in getting out of my head recycling my feelings and the Woe is Me Syndrome, and putting my focus on sharing unconditional compassion and love with others, the more it is possible to claim and experience peace. This is not easy, but when we make an intentional choice to surrender our fear and anger and allow what we think we understand to unfold in the present, we just might be amazed at how our internal world changes.

Practice makes progress has been my mantra for many years. Since I am still a human at times I forget what works so I take the time when in a place of peace to write on sticky notes and on paper my solutions.

1. Believing peace is my birthright, I can claim it in any moment. I say aloud..I claim peace. I have this phrase on notes I stick on the wall, in my car, and on my desk.

2. State and write those things I currently have in my life for which I can express gratitude.

3. Spend time alone with nature.

4. Accept what is , especially those things and people I have no control over.

5. Transmute and change my addictions into preferences. An addiction is any desire that results in my lack of contentment if and when it is not satisfied. Example: if I get emotionally bent out of shape when I expect someone to change a behavior and they don’t, then my addiction is to control and have others bow down and go along with my request and wishes.

6. Make effective use of willpower to choose positive thoughts, and when negative ones pop in, pause.. switch to those mental thoughts that bring me serenity and peace.

7. Be selective with the people , social media, and news you allow to filter into your mind and life. Practice saying No. Verbalize: I do not choose this at this moment.

8. Offer help to another or to an animal without expecting to receive anything back as a compensation. In other words, be of service.

You may discover by practicing some simple techniques that you have more control over your amazing self than you have previously thought, and why not, once you see what works, tell your solution to another!


Nature Is Waiting To Teach Us But Are We Listening?

I think I knew from my earliest childhood memory that nature was available to me for internal calming. No matter how many times old insecurities pop up when I am making every effort to do adulting as a together child of the sixties, it never fails to amaze me that the misplaced key to unlock my frustrations is walking through that magical portal of Nature and the Natural World!

My arrogant ego mind will try to convince me that I can figure out some brilliant strategy to step off the insecurity treadmill of not being good enough, not making the right decisions and choices, or looking in a mirror and seeing a flawed, distorted body image instead of the beautiful goddess reflecting back to me. Incredibly , I can escape my old tapes , my false beliefs and connect with nature, and come back home to discover I have been transformed into a lovely being comfortable in her own skin once again!

Nature , I know, is the greatest teacher in existence! She offers the ability to be at peace even during a ravishing storm. She demonstrates repeatedly how to be comfortable with herself as she is. She voices she does not have to be in a rush to evolve and change yet reaches her accomplished goals. She helps us remember beauty and incredible visual images do not have a price tag . She grants peace in the presence of all our real and imagined troubles with unconditional love, without asking for something in return. She proves again and again size does not determine greatness as she shows an airborne floating dandelion floret or the magnified expression of a snowflake.

The next time you look at the changed world as out of control and unfair, try walking away from your electronic devices and step into the magical world of nature and watch your problems melt into glorious transitions of the beauty that only nature has a way of transforming your angst into awe.

Nature is always waiting on human interactions and it pleases her so when we actually take the time to listen and experience freedom of internal joy. Are we listening?


Stop Looking Outside Of Yourself For Your Security

Have you ever been doing your practices and activities that work to keep you in balance only out of the blue those inner demons jump out with pitchfork in hand, poking holes in your happiness? I truly believe in these times, and I can be just as guilty as the rest of you, that I have bought into the illusion and deception that my self worth, my inner security, my being comfortable in my own skin is to be found by going to people/situations/things outside of myself! There I go searching everywhere for bread crumbs of validation, love, and contentment just so I can feel I matter, I am good enough, and I am amazing! That old tape has once again whispered to me that attention from a current or potential romantic partner, spending money on some piece of art, getting 15 likes on my social media post, or my co workers or friend telling me how special I am will be the key of my missing link to fulfill those times of feeling less than, rejected, or inferior.

Way back in my precious childhood I depended on my caregivers and others and any sense of rejection or invalidation felt like the fatal stabbing of my vulnerable heart. Because many of us were repeatedly hurt, rejected, and insecure (because we did not have the handbook to be powerful warriors yet) we carried feelings of shame and guilt into adulthood with skewed perceptions of who we really were. I am not here to blame any of those in authority roles for I truly believe they each did the best they could in raising us. They did not have the handbook either! However, until we find solutions to embrace our emotional wounds and claim compassion for ourselves, we often run around seeking approval and validation from especially others. When we carry this insecure need like a sack of rocks dragging behind us and heavily on our shoulders, we search outside of ourselves for the answers. The downside to believing others can fulfill us and make us feel good about who we are is we are allowing them to determine our self worth. The consequence is we do not trust our own opinions, thoughts, and feelings . We claim in our internal sanctum others have our answers and know more then we do and their ideas are more meaningful than our own. Over repeated periods of time of carrying around this false truth, we present as needy and beg for validation outside of ourselves crying for THEM to announce we are okay!! The magical answer, however, my friends, is we each have within us the power to validate ourselves! There are times we do remember this, and we walk through our journey in this thing called life, feeling proud, contented, and inspired of the Who we have involved into and become.

Perhaps if we knew some things that will pull us out of the hole we have dug and climbed into we would experience less the need to go outside of ourselves for our self approval and self validation. We could:

  • Accept our emotions and feelings without judgement as each comes up.
  • Remember our feelings are not who we are. Feelings come and go and are always temporary. Breathe-accept and acknowledge feelings-exhale- move forward.
  • Affirm your authentic true self with statements such as: I am worthy. I am much more than my accomplished performed acts and my experienced failures or setbacks. I trust my inner wise person within as my intuition gives me insightful messages. I do not have to like everyone and everyone does not have to like me. We each do and will make mistakes that we can see as opportunities from which to grow.
  • Change your inner self talk to words and expressed communications as if you were talking to a close friend. What would you tell him/her in a similar situation?

Each time we practice giving ourself validation, self love, compassion, and acknowledging our own worth it is yet another insurance marker in lifting ourselves up and helping to need less going outside of ourselves to find our personal truth. I believe with all my heart and soul we each are so worthy and amazing. We just forgot to remember! We could even go a step further and remind one another of this !


The Nurturing of Nature

Most of us enjoy spending time in nature whether it is hiking, running, walking, or driving through scenic vistas. The pleasure of experiencing a deep canyon, a forest cascaded by radiant light showering through trees, a snow-covered mountain, a park shared with mischievous squirrels and symphonic birds, or the inviting flowing rhythms of an ocean or river. We walk along enjoying the surroundings, but how often do we actually feel the connection to each element of nature? This opportunity presented to us each and every time we allow ourselves to break free from our electronics , our to do lists, our multitudes of mental chatter by allowing the creative alliance with nature to touch us in a deep way offers an inner sanctuary unlike any other aspect of life!

If you have never had the experience to become aware while in nature as you gaze upon a rock, a plant, a tree, or a mound of earth to be overtaken with reflective thoughts that you are not unlike these simple and beautiful pieces of nature , I urge you to view nature in a different manner. When we have what seems sudden and awe striking revelations of our existence being no different than that which we observe with all our senses in the stillness of nature, we become nurtured by nature. Being nurtured by nature in this way , in my experience , has opened a new and exciting world …a world in which birds, deer, butterflies don’t see me as an invader of their environment , but an actual part of it. When this magic happens the creatures of the natural world brush against my skin, connect with me as I connect with them!

If you are willing to step out of your busy life , I would like to suggest some simple new ways to connect with nature :

*Change your thinking and you change your reality and manifestation of experiences. Nature is not just something separate from your environment..it is part of you as much as you are part of it. One tiny example is the oxygen you breathe 24/7 is an equal relationship of life force between humans and trees creating a crucial facet for each other to thrive and live. Begin thinking of how we each are nature herself, and she is us! Go into your chosen place in nature alone. When we are with others in nature we tend to talk to each other; thus, depriving ourselves of the opportunity to connect fully with the nature with which we are present.

* Use your instinctive observational skills you were born with…vision-hearing-touching-smelling, moving your body. Look around you with childlike wonder. I believe this simple method will awaken the deep aspects within and you will know nature in a different way.

*Choose a place to sit with your back against a tree or a large rock. Breathe in the quietude. Just observe. Express your gratitude to nature for this precious time.

Allowing nature to nurture us will add layers of calmness, reduce our anxiety and stress, and inspire us to do it more often!


Setting Intentions For New Year

Long ago I became aware that making New Year’s resolutions restricted my free spirit within! Intentions keep me focused and empower me to act upon them . Even with my best intentions I have found myself distracted unless I can find ways to maintain my focus. I do use many things that help. I always create a Vision Board in which I draw symbols, words, phrases, and objects with various colored pens, markers, pastels what I desire to surrender (on full moons) and set intentions I wish to manifest (on New Moons). I never make my boards by cutting out pictures from magazines. I find drawing images accesses a different part of my active brain power and works better for me! Vision Boards need to be kept simple…if we put too much on one board our brain sees cluttered ideas and the focus or intent is much like chatter boxing ! I keep my created Vision Board where I will see it frequently and daily..in this way my brain receives the intended information and can actively create specific actions bringing intentions into fruition.

Sometime back I heard about picking a word of the year as a better substitute for resolutions. I tried it and fell in love with the idea! Now every year I pick my signature Word of the Year. Here is how I do it…Between around Christmas and the first of the year I go into my Quietude space and reflect upon the expanded Me I want to become more of for the year. I write many words that come up that will characterize who I want to see as my authentic self by the end of the year. This is not about accomplishing anything..rather it is more about how I would like to evolve to be a better version of myself.

If none of the words on my word list seem to resonate within myself, I do not put pressure that I must have the perfect word! I leave it alone and come back to it in a few days or even a week later.

Once I have my word of the year, I put it on a vision board, write it on sticky notes, put it on the outside of my current journal and my dream journal book. I write my word frequently, repeating it . This word of the year becomes a single word mantra! It serves to ground me into a calm focus and reminds my brain who I truly want to become in the manifestation of my amazing life!

In case you are at a loss for your own word of the year, here are some examples: Resilient, Health, Abundance, Humble, Gratitude, Strength, Joy, Forgiving, Listening, Creative. There are thousands of choices!

My word for 2022 is HOPE. Intentions instead of goals or resolutions work so much better. As evidence I have experienced opportunities and manifested areas of my health, relationships, career, fun, and travel! To know if something works I look at the outcome. Does it bring me closer to being the best version of myself or does it take me further from it?



Before we jump headfirst into the New Year, perhaps we may take some precious time to reflect upon the year we have just experienced. I honor the wisdom and teachings of those Ancient Civilizations that existed in history. Perhaps you , like I, are considering taking some of the areas of past history into your own evolutionary and revolutionary lives. Many of the great civilizations utilized technologies and techniques equal and surpassing our own. The incredible structures of pyramids, temples, and geometric designs tapped into knowledge of quantum physics that we are really just at a core beginning to integrate within our routine systems.

Even with the advanced systems and information in place ancient civilizations fell apart. There clearly were reasons for the crumbling and demise of magnificent cultures and civilizations. Primarily, greed-the obsessive need to exert Power over others-out of control egos- and divisions of the populations including sacred feminine and sacred masculine aspects, ethnicities, gender, race, and other aspects.

Perhaps, you may want to reflect upon the year and your personal experiences . In what specific ways have you demonstrated greed, obsessions to exert personal power, listening and following your ego’s suggestions, and areas you have aligned with separating yourself from other groups of people? Where did you practice more effective ways of living your life? Did you embrace nature more? Did you welcome the opportunity of stillness and quietude when changes of the world continued? How have your interpersonal relationships changed and evolved? Did you willingly or begrudgingly allow those relationships no longer aligning with your Highest Good drop ? How have your communications with yourself and with others been altered? In what ways did you express your creativity or did you resist creative activities ? Did you accomplish your set intentions or did you put various things on hold? How has your life changed ?

I personally carry an opinion for myself that if I am willing to reflect upon where I have been in my life journey and choose to learn from it without beating myself with a proverbial 2×4 , but honoring each step along the way , I can become a better version of myself.

Leonardo da Vinci said : “I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.” When we can choose to reflect upon what worked, what did not work, and how we can creatively design a flexible (not rigid) intention of prosperity of all areas in our lives, I do believe the outcome can be brighter and more fulfilling. I welcome with hope the best me and the best you we can be so our collective vision of the best new world, not a return to the way it was, can manifest right before our very wide, curious eyes!!


Looking For Ideal Partner? : Start With YOU

So many of us think that our ideal mate is out there somewhere…if we could only find him/her. We do dating sites, meet up groups, social media, even re-visit former relationships! We think somehow, some way we will find that perfect someone who will be the Prince to our inner Cinderella ! We walk around cloaked in our illusion that the missing pieces, the unfulfilled parts of ourselves, and the answer to our yearnings will be magically manifested in Prince or Princess Charming. The truth is until we cultivate an intimate relationship with ourself, we will miss that connection we so crave. A lonely person who enters a relationship is a lonely person in a relationship. A person denying intimacy with themselves will not have an intimate relationship with another. You may think intimacy is having sex. No. True intimacy has these juicy components: vulnerability- trust-honesty-acceptance-validation. Before delving further, ask yourself do you trust yourself to make good decisions? Do you accept and love the good- bad- beautiful-ugly- the shadow and light sides of yourself? Do you validate yourself on a regular basis? Are you honest about who you really are in those quiet moments when alone and not distracted? Can you be vulnerable with yourself by expressing and exposing your feelings, saying what you want or need, being present without needing to distract yourself? These reflective questions will provide starting points for inner work.

When we know who we really are , we are comfortable in our own skin. When that happens we can be intimate with just about anyone. We do not need to find someone to fix our broken pieces because we are not broken! We do not need to find a broken counter person because they are not broken either! It is never about THEM anyway…it is about our self love, self honoring, self validation, and having a love affair with the guy or chick we see looking back at us in the mirror. After all, every relationship is just a reflection of who we are.

Where to begin————commitment and intention to do inner work

  1. Take a deep breath. Look in a mirror straight into your eyes. Introduce yourself to you. 2. Begin listening to yourself..your self talk, your feelings, etc. Do this over time, and it becomes a practice. 3. Take responsibility for your choices. This is major! Start by making a choice to be happy instead of needing to be right! 4.Start practicing those things that feed your soul, that make you feel good. You might want to write out those things. This is Self-care! 5. Put pauses throughout your day every day. This free time with yourself offers times to check in, to connect, to find gratitude and peaceful, happy occurrences. Remember the phrase Stop and smell the coffee? 6. Surrender the inner critic within. Life is not meant to be a race or a test. 7. Do things that give you PLEASURE: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental. 8. Be gentle with yourself. This inner work takes time, but it is so worth it!

Self intimacy is a gateway, a portal to harmonious, safe, and fulfilling relationships with others. Imagine a world of people so comfortable in skins that they actually enjoy each other’s company!

This idea came to me in a reflective meditation once. Feel free to borrow it. “When I allow you and myself to be who we each need to be in the present moment, I have no need to judge you or want to change you to fit my preconceived agenda.It really is about love and more love!


Honoring Ourselves By Creating Our Unique Holiday Traditions

     It is my heartfelt belief we each deserve to celebrate this time of year in the way that reflects who we are in the present. That means celebrating, choosing to be alone, celebrating with family or friends, celebrating with spiritual groups, or not celebrating.
     Being a creative spirit who marches to the beat of her own drum, several years ago it occurred to me that my true self did not require the past holiday traditions of my culture or family of origin. I decided it would be a self loving act to create my own unique holiday traditions. To determine what would work for me, I asked myself some questions.
– Were there any childhood holiday traditions memories that stood out as happy thoughts?
– What did I want to include in my new traditions?
– Did I want to include others or just include myself?
     It became crystal clear I no longer chose to be trapped emotionally in the stigma of the holiday traditions of others. After all, I do not live my current life based on the way others live theirs, so why would I choose to experience the holiday season with the traditions of anyone else? Of course, if I wanted to do what others were doing, that would be appropriate, too!
     So, here is what I created:
     1. Because I am so connected to nature, I went into the woods and requested the elementals and nature beings  to help me honor them. I was gifted with pine boughs and pine cones, holly and red berries, and a small log. I added candles around these treasures, creating an holiday altar on my hearth.
    2. Each morning during December I dedicate time, compassion, and food to the animals I co-exist with in my wooded residence.
    3. Each night I made a commitment to sit in front of the fireplace and write in my journal , honoring the Fire Element, by expressing the things and ideas that ignite me that I am passionate about. I also offered thanks to each aspect of what/who is present in my life , gathered all that love into my heart, and sent it out into the world to all beings.
    4. Lastly, I made a decision to take  myself to a Winter Solstice Celebration with like hearted people.
     Reclaiming our holiday by creating our original, unique traditions and rituals  can be a loving way to avoid stress of old memories that do not muster peace, and is a gift to both our inner children and adult presence.



The Importance of Listening And Cooperating With Our Inner Messages

For a few years I have known in my heart and mind that we hold all our own answers within. We receive continuous messages from our intuition, our cells, our organs, every part of us. The Ancient Ones in past civilizations and cultures knew this crucial fact, and taught this sacred knowledge to all. We have often forgotten.

I consider myself healthy in my diet, my exercise regiment, and my daily spiritual practices. Recently I became quite ill and could not tolerate much of anything solid in the form of food. I am a Reiki Master, Sound Healing Practitioner, Daily Meditator, and practice Ancient Shamanic modalities. Of course I offered my body,mind, and spirit my own practices and reached out to other healing facilitators I have trust in. I also received unsolicited  and unhelpful advice and suggestions as to why I was sick.

I incorporate and welcome Western Medicine with Alternative  Medicine . My illness began two months ago and gradually progressed in a downward spiral. I went to my Integrative Medicine Doctor who suggested diagnostic tests, and , as always, he honored the fact I listen to my own body and intuition.

My body was telling me it was my time to come to a resting place, to receive instead of my usual M.O. of giving  help to others and holding Sacred Space for the Collective in our time of world chaos. As if I had a choice, and it became clear I did not, I stopped my activities. My body became weaker each day. I lived for close to a month on green juice, water, and broth. I did have a C-T scan, bloodwork, and an endoscopy. Most of the tests showed nothing was wrong with me. I listened without judgement but was weak. My body slept 10-11 hours a night. I experienced incredible Dreamtime each night, and even slept and dreamed during the day. I did finally receive a medical diagnosis of an abdominal, curable condition.

Through this experience I was not afraid, but at times was frustrated ; however, I continued listening to my dreams, my inner messages, and welcomed the support of my large tribe of friends and loved ones.

The messages of the Ancient Ones kept telling me to honor the change from Summer into Autumn, to be like the Wise trees that serve as my protection and guardians on the incredible property on which I live. I felt, just like the strong oaks, willows, and pines I was shifting in my beliefs, perceptions, and energies. When we allow ourselves to let go of trying to figure out logically what has no logical answers, and to trust the  Ancient Teachings ,Wisdom of Nature ,and Natural Laws to unfold, incredible events come to pass. Our world has changed and those who try to use prior ways to work through current situations just may discover those ways are now archaic, and no longer valid. Using the old ways will bring more fear, more anger, and more frustration. We must be willing to embrace a new paradigm if we are to live in peace and harmony today.

As I recently have begun able to eat food again, and returned to a gentle yoga practice, I see the necessity of this illness. I wonder maybe sometime img_3852 I asked for clarity, for inner answers to questions I did not consciously know to ask. I am grateful for the sickness that brought me to a screeching halt for it came with great gifts and blessings of surrender, of detoxification, of deeper trust and faith. I did release a couple of people I thought were supportive friends  during the short illness when I discovered they really were not supportive at all. My vibrational level has changed…theirs had stayed back in the past. I do not judge their path. Those relationships, too, have been part of my Autumn clearing and awakening.

Each experience I am blessed to witness continues to be an opportunity, a catalyst of ascension toward a new world, for we who have awakened, and to those gradually joining us. Sometimes we just have to stop and let natural cleansing lift us out of our old skins, and into a new sense of wonder. It does require mustering courage to be vulnerable enough to be transformed into a better version of ourselves. I often do not see the Warrior I was born to be for the purpose of sharing my experiences.. to lead another soul out of their own shadows..until I finally find the hidden doorknobs and walk into a brighter light. We are in this together, my friends. Let’s not give up just yet.


The Power of Observation

So many look but do not see. In our busy worlds of experiences our attention often is focusing on that which is straight ahead as we hurry to our next destination and task. We humans were created with eyes to see but so many of us block what our senses perceive because our attention is wrapped around our electronic devices, our worries, recycling of mental old tapes, and living either in our past or jumping into what we think will occur in the future.

The ancient cultures knew how to tap into and use the power of observation to create amazing works of architecture, art, literature, and blend science with the natural world . Our ancestors knew being critically observant was crucial to survive! We have forgotten what observation can show us!

By re-learning the practice of observation even the most routine and mundane aspects of life awaken our sleeping abilities to creatively view others, objects, and events. The power of observation when practiced create new neural pathways within our brain!

Benefits those who are highly observant are increased interpersonal listening skills, better readers of the body language of others, demonstrators of mindfulness, increased organizational skills ( because everything is noticed!), a stronger sense of orientation of personal space (as in remembering where your car is parked), strong analytical abilities, and being amazing sources of multi- modalities of accurate information!

Need practice? Slow down and smell the roses! Go out in nature and use all your senses to observe details of what you see, hear, touch, and smell. Then take these skills into your environment.

The power of observation will empower each of us to return to that curious , alert, and attentive human we were created to be!