A New Adventure

For about four months I have been residing in a great little town, making connections left and right, creating new friendships while continuing to maintain connections with my  tribe of support. Having survived the most bizarre election year of my life and since cold weather is quickly approaching, my wanderlust and I passionately agree that…Read more »

Remembering Ancient Teachings

“As I began awakening this day listening to Sister Wind speaking gently as she flows across the skies, through the brittle branches of barren trees, I feel her energy cleansing the pain of Mother Earth who has for all time held all Creations in Sacred grounding and nurturing. Mother Earth feels the anger , fear,…Read more »

Sharing Moments With Strangers

    It has been my fortune and pleasure to be able to travel to almost every corner and in between in my country. My footsteps have connected with a variety of cultures, ethnicities, waters, and lands.  Though I have at times traveled with companions, I cherish the sacred solo journeys I have experienced during…Read more »