Choosing Compassion

Every action we take is based on a subconscious belief. What we choose to act out of and respond or react to is a choice. We each have free will and can choose fear or we can choose compassionate love. The question  we can ask ourselves, in any moment, in any situation , is do…Read more »

Listening From The Heart

I learned from an early age to pay attention to the body   language and energies  of those around me. Like many of us I grew up in a dysfunctional world in households of mixed messages. However, I was clueless that what I thought were great communication skills on my part were only instinctual protective…Read more »

Breathing Peace

I just returned from the place I go once a year for a  solo personal retreat. Each time I go I experience a deeper spiritual awareness yet it also is a validation of how simple finding inner peace is. As I hiked alone through desert terrain close to spacious mountains I knew I was in…Read more »