I know many people who would never dream of leaving their home town, the home that holds all their belongings, or the place they have resided for a very long time. As the holidays are approaching, my thoughts return to the home of my childhood, those life long memories with my family of origin. Those…Read more »


The skies of the desert have inspired and mesmerized me for over forty years. As I observe the incredible sunsets cascading a palette of breathtaking hues over the magnificent Organ Mountains, I feel my inner transformation accelerating. Something about being in the wide open spaces of New Mexico cracks open my heart even more to…Read more »

Insights on Tibet

Just being in Tibet alone was a spiritual experience for me! Everywhere I went men and women were in the streets of Lhasa walking with prayer wheels and the high sacredness was encompassing each Creation! It was strange to see police on every corner and they seemed fascinated by groups of us from the USA,…Read more »