Claiming Peace In A Chaotic World

In the midst of global upheaval cloaked in suffering and chaos the Collective Consciousness is wrapped in fearful anticipations of what may be our future. Since mid 2020 I have watched as those in spiritual communities spouting their way is THE way, those in challenging medical situations, conspiracy believers, those who have lost hope, asContinue reading “Claiming Peace In A Chaotic World”

The Renaissance Of Resilience

Definition of resilience: the process of Adapting well in the face of adversities.       I have experienced mental (clinical depression which no longer is present in my mind – body – spirit) and emotional ( addictions of which I have been in active recovery from for over thirty four years; dysfunctional relationships, and,Continue reading “The Renaissance Of Resilience”

Those Vibrational Frequencies Taking Us For A Ride

      As we continue to raise our vibrations into higher levels and frequencies several changes within our experiences occur. Situations, people, and more—almost everything familiar to us goes through a metamorphosis. We are taken from our egg stage into full fledged gorgeous butterflies, seemingly without our permission. I remember the first time severalContinue reading “Those Vibrational Frequencies Taking Us For A Ride”

Sometimes There Just Is No Explanation

My day began as I joined millions of peaceful like minded souls who were praying for world peace and peace in Syria as the courageous James Twyman along with a few friends flew into Syria. Yes ,he flew into ISIS controlled Syria on a peace mission. I heard about this event a couple of weeksContinue reading “Sometimes There Just Is No Explanation”