The Energy and Power of Words

     Not to blame astrological influences but to own who I am…being born an Aquarian with an Aries ascendant, and a Moon in Leo, I have been guilty more than twice in my adult life of speaking or hitting send before I take that ever so wonderful solution of “PAUSE”, and saying this prayer…Read more »

Choosing Compassion

Every action we take is based on a subconscious belief. What we choose to act out of and respond or react to is a choice. We each have free will and can choose fear or we can choose compassionate love. The question  we can ask ourselves, in any moment, in any situation , is do…Read more »

Listening From The Heart

I learned from an early age to pay attention to the body   language and energies  of those around me. Like many of us I grew up in a dysfunctional world in households of mixed messages. However, I was clueless that what I thought were great communication skills on my part were only instinctual protective…Read more »


I know many people who would never dream of leaving their home town, the home that holds all their belongings, or the place they have resided for a very long time. As the holidays are approaching, my thoughts return to the home of my childhood, those life long memories with my family of origin. Those…Read more »


The skies of the desert have inspired and mesmerized me for over forty years. As I observe the incredible sunsets cascading a palette of breathtaking hues over the magnificent Organ Mountains, I feel my inner transformation accelerating. Something about being in the wide open spaces of New Mexico cracks open my heart even more to…Read more »