The Beckoning Call of Responsibility

Sometime back in 2012 I read a book by Sun Bear, sacred teacher and medicine chief, entitled “Black Dawn, Bright Day“. This inspirational book was full of environmental prophecy foretelling what was coming in our world, which geographic locations would be most affected , and gave specific recommendations of what each of us could do to survive in preparation for what was to be our future.

For me , personally, it was a catalyst for my beginning to take seriously the need of raising my consciousness as to how I lived my life, treated the earth and her beings, and inspired me to live life differently. I am sure some listened…most did not.

Here we arrive in the year 2020 and the call for personal responsibility is screaming way beyond a beckoning call for what is needed for humanity to survive, and for us each to accept and take personal responsibility for our thoughts, words written and spoken, and actions. This is the path to raising our consciousness. In simple terms raising our consciousness is awakening from our sleep. When we begin awakening and have one AHA moment after another, we are raising our consciousness. What follows—- unless we choose to go back to sleep are actions and new patterns that include taking responsibility !

When I tell you I am a visionary light worker, I do not mean that in a hippie dippy woo woo way. I saw a long time ago what was coming, and still have visions of what is coming in our future . I know I am not the only one. Taking responsibility to me is not just about how we treat the lands, waters, air but also how we treat all beings..and ourselves..human and animal alike…and nature herself. Instead of complaining about the government, the rich, the rules , those who you perceive hold ideas and beliefs that do not agree with your own, how about looking at our individual ego enhanced and unhealed issues we each presently have? Do you still believe you can keep numbing yourself with substances, food, obsessions, trying to control others, and any other addictions and continue living your life outside of your integrity and compromising your respective values while pointing your finger at those you want to blame for the shape the world is in? What spiritual practices are you committed to daily, and actually experiencing every day? Just what did you do today to demonstrate you are taking responsibility for honoring each other and future humanity? We each are entirely responsible for what we are creating and co-creating. Yes, YOU and I are co creating every single day, whether intentional or not!

That we each speak, write, experience, and act upon are concrete ways of evidence of what are sending out energetically and co creating with others doing similar acts. Is your focus of your thoughts/actions bringing you closer to your intentions of being the best version of yourself..or is it taking you further away from what you truly what to give to the world and to humanity? These questions are not asked to judge you, but hopefully are encouraging your continued assessment in aligning with being responsible because dear reader, we each hold a huge responsibility . It is admirable if your calling is to march in protests against inequality, but are you also doing your own inner work and practicing being the best you that you can be in the moment? None of us will ever be perfect, but what have you let go of and in what areas have you or are you willing to change to contribute to the peace and harmony of the planet?

The time waiting on someone else to take responsibility is long gone. Our government is not going to do it. Of course you can sit on your couch, complaining about what others need to do and not doing anything to change within. No one will make you do your inner work. However, if you want to make a difference in the world, to co create a world of unified harmony and place insurance markers into the sacred survival of humanity, there will be necessary steps for each of us to take.

Simple actions:

-Become aware of what you are putting out into the world by paying attention to the words, thoughts, emails, and social media posts you are sending.

Now set a daily intention to put your focus on the WHO you want to show the world and that includes friends/relatives/strangers. Forget your focus of doing something. Be the who first!

Once we know who we want to be…..we begin taking responsibility because we have awakened to the how we want to treat others AND ourselves! We consciously know the next right thing we choose to act upon . In living by these simple steps, we begin making a positive difference for the world, and for future humanity.

Are you willing now to accept the beckoning call to live with responsibility or do you still feel you are not ready? Humanity awaits your and my answer and actions.

The Misunderstood Practice of Surrender

Most of us have strong ideas of what we want to receive, obtain, and experience whether it is a certain relationship, job, home, money, health, or peace of mind. We get the idea in our thoughts, focusing, even obsessing on how, who, what, and when the illusive situation will drop onto our silver platter of life. This goal and obsession may even flood our ever waking moments so much we put other important activities on hold as we become totally involved in getting what we want when and the way we must have it!

Then after weeks, months,maybe even longer goes by and we have not received that illusive goal , we may start considering maybe it is time to let it go. However, our ego fights with us demanding YES I can still figure a way to control this and get what I want. Following that thought we may notice tenseness in our body, not sleeping well, venting and saying things to others we really wish we had not said, and the rising of emotional disturbance within us.

We may even say we want to surrender but the question is are we really willing to do so? At what cost will we allow our control freak ego within to step aside and we finally become willing to let go…and how do we even start to do that? Perhaps it will help to understand what surrender is and is not……

Surrender is not evidence we have failed. It is not using will power to let go. It is not exactly acceptance that “it is what it is”. Surrender is the place we reach when we know we do not know what to do, how to do it, or if our life will be any happier with or without getting what we were so sure we wanted. It is the moment of “OH GOD”…I cannot go on doing this to myself.

The second of surrender is simple, easy. It is the agonizing journey and pathway getting there that is painful. Once we surrender we finally exhale all that control, all that anguish, all those emotions we have been holding so tightly onto. We breathe freely. We literally see the end of our self imposed suffering. So must I, you, and we as human beings keep facing situations that we must try to control (which is an illusion anyway!) or is there another choice?

Trust me I have been there many times in my life, and today more than ever I see how much time and energy I have expended and wasted trying to control those things I cannot change. I came up with this plan. I call it a practice.

Every morning once I am fully awake I say aloud: What do I need to surrender? There are usually multiple things! Then I say aloud again…am I willing to surrender this, these things, thoughts, ideas? After practicing this for a while I have come to the awareness more often than not I am willing to surrender not because I am a saint (because I ain’t!) but because with each day of this practice I see what a struggle my ego presents to me daily in trying to control something I literally have no control over! My practice has awakened and opened my eyes a little bit more.

Once I understood that surrender is not about something I need to become a Nun or a Monk over…that it is really the ability and intention to ahhhh exhale into trusting the process of the Universe and that I do not have to force anything to happen…just enjoy peace because now I know it really is safe to exhale control and angst and let go. I think I will consider this day…just living in the precious moment of going with the flow…WHAT A CONCEPT!

Remembering We Are Nature Herself

There has not been a time I have not known the natural elements of trees, plants, stars, skies, waters, and land were my solace. As a young girl I had kinship with the apple orchards, mimosa and pines that surrounded my home. No matter what confusion and emotional pain I felt that I had no control over, those trees were my friends, my protectors. The picturesque creek that was laced with limestone, slate, and mica hosting periwinkles, lizards, snakes, and crawfish with her shimmering clarity of liquid beauty reinforced the magical reflection of my innocent spirit.
When my family and I left that place it was replaced with my new residence in a neighborhood with houses next to each other, sidewalks, and a new set of friends…a smiling weeping willow, pink and white rhododendrons, and a magestic flaming red maple tree.

I maintained memories of my visions of lifetimes in ancient lands called Atlantis, Avalon, Egypt, Sudan, England, Scotland, and the red bearded Vikings who often entered my dreams. I knew always we are One with Nature, Nature Beings, and the Elementals . The Indigenous and Ancient Tribes never forgot. As I aged I seemed to pick up other priorities, other ways of living , and began forgetting we have always been One with nature, and Nature was One with us. I still met trees, plants, Nature Beings, relished the Seven Sisters of the Pleiadians, the moon, sun, and stars in various places I traveled….but there was a slight disconnection. My life took me for a bit on the dark side as I searched for resolution to childhood conflicts I always questioned but never understood. I healed completely.

When I emerged and began my awakening I was 33 years old, and began remembering….the dysfunctional people who harmed me, the pain I had stuffed deep inside of my body and subconsciousness , and the truth I was a Warrior and Survivor. So my journey back took twists and turns on my path as Nature who had called me my whole life to never forget there is no separation between us.

In the year 2020 came an even greater awakening, a global one that touched every single human. For years I had read the prophecies of the Hopi, the Mayans, the African Shamans warning humanity what was coming. Nature began meeting me on my deepest mystical level beckoning me to remember way back millenniums ago I was taught to tell truth as a storyteller of the connections between humans , animals, and nature. Nature kept initially asking me to help the world remember the lost truth. I received gentle nudges that I smiled about but kept putting on hold. Finally, the nudges turned into pushes with evidence…butterflies landing on my arm and acknowledging my greeting them by flapping their wings as a reciprocal hello, birds coming right next to me, winds responding to my calling upon them, deer showing up daily on my path, light from multi sources following me no matter if I was home or in another country, and coming face to face with a black bear walking toward me on a railroad track in a rural area!

I could no longer deny the calling …Nature asking me to tell the story …the same story the British sculptor, environmentalist, and photographer Andy Goldsworthy stated when he said “ we often forget that we are nature. Nature is not separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.”

Therefore, I ,with gratitude and honor, accept the mission and invitation Nature has offered me. I am writing a curriculum on becoming One with nature which will be offered in a series of talks, writings, and trainings based on the ancient wisdom teachings of Greek, Egyptian, and other civilizations. My first zoom training is on how to use 7 Senses we each possess to be utilized simultaneously. My intention is to be of help us each remember we are Nature and Nature is us…our deepest connection that showed the thriving of the sacred connection in an experience called the global Panademic. Please connect with me if you, too, have a calling to remember what you and Humanity forgot…or just to connect.

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The Power Of Choice

If we were to enter the inner theatre of our subconscious mind we would receive a sneak preview of the thoughts fueled by the script of beliefs that are projected out onto our reality. We would see the movie of the inner sanctum of what we believe as it casts our projections of what we hold tightly to be our personal truths.
This plays out on the stage of actors in the story of our life we hold beliefs about. For example, if we hold the belief all doctors are money grabbing , greedy people tied into big pharma, every time we see a doctor that is the belief we reflect. Even if someone assures us a certain doctor is always of service and really listens to each patient treated, we will not be convinced. If we believe all potential romantic partners start a relationship with us as saying the right words with supportive, sweet actions but after a period of time try to manipulate and control us, that is what we will perceive to be true!
However, if we were to choose to surrender our rigid, narrow minded thinking and those beliefs we have held onto for most of our lives, those very same people, situations, and experiences will be altered right along with the judgements we previously projected about each right before our very wide opened, amazed eyes!

If our thoughts are of hatred, we can be open and willing to change those thoughts to love. If our thoughts are of suspicious mistrust, we can be willing to change our thoughts to acceptance and compassion.

How is it possible to change beliefs we have claimed and owned , that long ago we set in stone? First, it will be necessary to be aware through intentions of willingness to see areas of our lives we have tried to improve but have remained stuck. When we write answers to open ended questions relating to various areas, such as I do not have enough money because______; when I am able to earn enough money, it always __________ we can begin to see what is sitting in our subconscious mind.
Try this exercise: Write beliefs in different areas such as prosperity, romance, friendships, career, health, etc. Spend time reflecting on the evidence if this belief is true or false. Determine if your belief is based upon an illusion or reality. Chances are many self limiting beliefs are not true.

Replace false beliefs with empowering statements. Example: “I have a few close friends I can always count on for support “replacing the disempowering statement of “ my friendships rarely last.” By seeing clear evidence of truth , we begin moving the new belief from our head to our heart. Write the new belief on paper and consciously affirm it to the mind. The longest distance is from the head where we intellectualize to the heart where we claim our personal truths.

Belief creations and subconscious programming of them are extremely powerful, and when we are willing to take the time that we absolutely deserve to check out and assess closely, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to surrender and re-create self limiting beliefs that block us from living the wonderful, content life we truly deserve.

Authentic Communication

It took me many years, courage, and deep inner work to even begin to desire to practice and live as an authentic communicator. Since I have awakened to more of my personal truth I have noticed often, perhaps surprisingly, more people of high levels of intelligence and users of great vocabularies avoid speaking and writing from an authentic space. Of course, intelligence and education is not always a prerequisite to effective communication. Believe me, I understand the avoidance of authentic communication ! It is almost habitual with many to lapse into the hole of assumptions, fear projecting, and shaming others to convince respective egos of self worth. I would like to suggest seeing individual self truths forces humans to dive deeply into places most feel more comfortable hiding from themselves. I get it ! Most would rather follow the path of either pointing fingers at others or simply remaining within their perceived comfort zones rather than venture into the uncovering of scary monsters stuffed deeply in their proverbial closets. What in reality hiding in those closets are personal truths, potential authenticity, and years of covered up insecurities . The unspoken fears so many run from is because our inner sage voices in the quietest of moments tells us that if we get gut level honest we are aware we will have to become completely accountable, and accept the illusion of control in attempts in telling others what they need to be doing which is only denial that the only person we ever have control over is the reflection we see in a mirror… ourselves.

What we each really crave is the ability and experience to connect authentically with others! Once we awaken to this crucial truth, we will become willing to put on our Warrior Armor, sword in hand, and pull out each of those dark shadowy gremlins out into the open. As we open the creaking door of that dark closet, out will start tumbling the pile of ineffective false beliefs, low vibrational energies of fears, anxieties, insecurities, and unresolved grief.

When ready it is best starting gradually without taking out our inner two by four of self deprecating , critical judgements. Use self compassion and gentle nurturing as the journey within begins.
A few initial steps might be:

  • Remove assumptions that you know what another thinks and feels. Try asking them! Even if you are highly intuitive we just do not know the inner thoughts of another! It is disrespectful and even harmful in the relationship to pretend we know!
  • Begin a practice of listening to yourself before convincing yourself you are an effective listener of others. One way to start is through a daily mindfulness meditation practice . Listening to our still voice within often reveals subconscious false messages we do not really believe anymore, inner wisdom, and even joyful solutions we were not aware we carried! Once we can listen to ourselves in quietude, we are more able to listen to others without interjecting our own distracting assumptions that interfere with actually hearing what another is saying!
  • Drop the blame game. Instead of jumping onto the blame wagon of making another responsible for your feelings, accept more likely than not, you and you alone are sole owner of your own feelings. It is not is YOU! By making the effort to sharing how you are feeling and actually listening to the other sharing how they are feeling without throwing in your opinion about what they are saying as they are sharing ( even in your mind!) you will be becoming a conscious listener.
  • Set boundaries as needed but be respectful of yourself and each communicative partner.

Remind yourself that communication comes and initiates from within. It really is an inside job . We make a choice in all interactions with others and within to be the best version of our authentic selves. Authentic communication is key to quality and lasting connections with those we respect, care about, and choose to nurture.

Time As We Knew It Has Shifted

I , for at least the past 34 years, have been a person who sees the silver lining in almost all situations. Like most everyone else when 2020 presented herself to be the year of change, of enforced stillness, and life as we have always known it coming to a snail paced crawl, I was initially in a state of bewilderment. Being a visionary, I became quickly aware that the abrupt changes not only in my little sector of the world, but in the entire world , required some major adjustments and re-assessing .
I view the world a tad differently than most. Having experienced a life sandwiched in between curious, mystical wonder and amazing manifestation events, abrupt outer changes to me are invitations to discover hidden puzzle pieces of what is below the surface of that which appears to be going on! So, I gathered my favorite journal and dedicated a period of time to receiving Divine insights into exactly what had transpired .

It became obvious we all had entered into a new wormhole of temporal change. I am not just referring to business and participation in classes/workshops shifting from face to face rooms to zoom locations ; quarantining from social gatherings; or my enjoyment of working out at my favorite gym. The way, the manner, I had always done anything…the way I responded to any situation or anyone had changed.
I really saw how I was not again returning to mentally living in the past or zooming to fantasies of the future. I was smack in the midst of the present, but an altered present!

Therefore, I had this lightbulb awakening revelation…now when I or any of us attempt to do or say things as we always have…or base even a simple task as predetermining how long a round trip excursion to the grocery store will be…we are living out of an extinct time line, and unless we return to our state of awakened time in the now different present, we will run into the proverbial brick wall of frustration, struggling, and confusion.
Yes, the Awakening Year of 2020 has transported us into a Dimension of New Time, beyond linear measures, and into an opportunity of transformative space. We have an option to fight it, resist it, complain about it, or surrender life as we knew it and embrace this as a shift of consciousness.
Brace yourself for this is just the beginning of where we, the Collective Awakened, are headed!

Is It Time To Re-Write Our Sacred Soul Contracts?

I have been observing the bundled fear-anger package so many of the “Collective” have claimed, owned, and bought into . From the onset of the Panademic of 2020 coined as the Time of Enforced Stillness, I chose to use the opportunity presented as a time to do deeper inner work of patterns, beliefs, and subtle shadow behaviors within myself. It would have been unfair and served no viable purpose had I continued, with my inner critic ,pointing my ever so long shaking finger at the “ collective energies of the world”. That being said is evidence to you that this is where my ego journeyed initially.It did not take long for me to see many Soul Contracts of the world of people were being repeated by bitching, complaining, secretly crying, and acting out in anger and frustration. I have an idea these Soul Contracts have been re-created through the DNA of all our lineages maybe since Neanderthal days.You may be asking just what is a soul contract?
Some people call them core issues, life lessons, or karmic experiences. They are the unwritten contracts we agreed to when we entered this spiritual experience in a human skin. Anyone we cross paths with from our parents to our co-worker to our chosen partners to the stranger who insults/empowers us is an actor on our evolutionary stage playing out our Soul Contract. There probably are aspects of your contract you have already mastered and others you have yet to jump successfully over the hurdle of challenging performances. Part of our Soul Contract is intended to align with our true purpose or mission we came to fulfill. What if you are relatively sure or sort of guess you know your purpose but one or more parts of your life aren’t working? We can bless the situations for the presented opportunities and experiences and release with love. This is one choice but it really does not change the outcome of the lesson. Another choice is to lay out all unresolved aspects on our proverbial table, examine the patterns wrapped in our sandwich of subconscious beliefs, and call a meeting of any soul agreements we unconsciously have previously agreed to, and re-write the terms of the Sacred Contract. How is this possible you may ask?
Get still and quiet in which you and your Inner Wise One within agree to allow the solution of the highest good in an area (Relationships, money, work,health,etc.) you select to come out in the open and be revealed without attachment to any outcome. Name and list the beliefs and patterns of the area to be addressed. Example: in work, the belief is I have to spend each day working until I am exhausted. This is a contract that I may choose to re-write to this: I work efficiently doing what I love and balance each work day with rest, fun, and joy! As we choose to review each area of our lives we may begin to see the need to re-write the unspoken and unwritten soul contracts that live in our subconscious , that have been attracting specific experiences to play out on the stage we call our life. The Panademic just may be one of the greatest opportunities of our life- evolution if we choose to perceive it as an opportunity of reflective transformation.

Setting Focused Intentions

I was taught many moons ago where my attention goes is where energy flows. So many spend a majority of time focusing on how the government is not helping citizens during the current Panademic, pointing fingers of blame at those whose views oppose their own, worrying over how our systems seem to be crumbling like the bottom layer of chips left in the bag. I wonder how differently each of us would be if, alternatively, we each put our focus on walking in nature and/or developing a consistent spiritual practice that would result in peace, calm, and a relaxed state of being. I am willing to bet most people are unaware that the written and spoken words carry either positive or negative energy, and thoughts are equally powerful.
If more people could see with their eyes the shadowy inner blockages held within and how clearing out fear, anger, worry, and frustration would open a container of energetic space each of us would have available for creating new, innovative ways to assist the environment, the less fortunate, the sad and unhappy people in our own communities, and our own inner peace, do you think other choices would be made? Low vibrations that bring us down are fed daily by focusing on fears of losing what we have, anger over the current condition of the world, and apprehension over if a virus is as deadly as media reports, and if we will be forced for years to come to avoid gatherings with people we care about.
If you recognize any of the following signs, you may be operating out of low vibrations: feeling you are a victim of the current state of the country, feeling judged or judging others, feeling your fears are holding you in proverbial quicksand unable to change, feeling you must control everything around you in order to feel safe, or exploding in anger over little things you used to brush off.
I am relatively sure most of us do not want to be depleting our personal energies or be walking around as a bundle of low vibrations. It may surprise you to know many people, including some who do healing work as a service, are holding low vibrational energies. We each will benefit from reminding ourselves no one among us has experienced in this lifetime anything as life altering as the 2020 Panademic.
There are several spiritual practices available to each of us. Key is to use and practice daily, and to surrender the egoic idea because you have been on the path for a while you do not need any longer to incorporate spiritual practices into your daily routine. You may think a spiritual practice is a religious one but it is not. What it is is an activity that deepens your spiritual life : that part of your life which is a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself.
Some spiritual practices are as follows: (1.) Gratitude ( Say aloud or write all the things you currently have in your life that you sincerely appreciate). (2.) Holding Light (Visualize a source of bright light shining on and around people and situations that are meaningful to you.). 3. Awareness of the present moment ( Take 3 deep breaths and be in stillness. Sit in quietude, allowing your mind to be empty. Just focus on being. During this time you do not have to be doing anything.). 4.Practice Compassion. ( Feel compassion for a person who is doing the best they can. Allow your mind to remember when this person did not meet your expectations. Extend compassion to yourself, acknowledging you are doing the best you can. 5. Walking Meditation ( Go into nature. Walk slowly without speaking. Feel each footstep connecting with the earth. Pay attention to your body as you walk. When you reach the end of your path stop and pause. Take a few cleansing breaths and turn around as you walk back notice flowers, butterflies, plants, and trees.
6. Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong. Go to an outdoor class or find one on YouTube.
Focus on what has not changed. Reflect on past times you handled not knowing what was going to happen such as starting a new job, graduating from school, or learning to drive. Write on paper the list of past situations that you had no knowledge of what was going to happen that you handled!
Continue raising your vibrations by using a couple of practices daily, choosing to not watch the news, state aloud what is positive in your life just for today, do mindfulness mediations, light candles in the daytime, and focus on the positive coming from the changing world! Call a positive , like hearted friend, and say aloud: This too shall pass and together we are surviving!

Co-existence In Peaceful Resting

When my life changed ,as did the rest of the world’s with 2020’s Panademic, I entered a period of adjustment. My home is in an area surrounded by a lush bounty of nature. I assure you I love big cities and the cultural amenities cities give me. I love to travel. My plan for the past year was to be camping in my favorite New Mexico remote canyon in June.That plan was altered. The Panademic definitely has impacted my financial status. I could be moaning and complaining about what continues to be an “unprecedented time” . I do march to the beat of my own drum, and because of that fact, perhaps I view the world differently than many.
I began my adjustment with looking deeply into what needed to be re-set , what was imbalanced In me ; where I might be experiencing disconnecting areas of personal relationships. Because I have been embracing the Ancient Ways of living my life in connection with the wisdom of nature, it was only natural and sacred for me to observe how Nature was using the time of Re-set. It did not take long to see Nature was flourishing into peaceful surrender and resting . She did not stop her blossoming of new growth in the Spring, welcoming budding plants, flowers, and birthing of new wildlife as animal parents nurtured their extended families. She continued her natural process as Summer set in. However, something, indeed, was different. Not only was the phenomenal Re-set happening in the forest I call home, but the miraculous environmental changes have been globally felt. The slower pace of human activities, though incorporating sickness and death,economic angst, and in many cases increased fears has brought social issues such as racism and long histories of unfair treatment of blacks, gender discrimination, and unscrupulous actions of police and governmental bodies out in the open.
The more I delved into my own beliefs and attitudes, the more I saw the silver lining of how the peaceful resting of nature has invited each of us to
co-exist differently in a new world. We will never return to the way the world was prior to the 2020 Panademic. Not only is nature flourishing ,but in spite of aggression, even violence, protests, destruction of statues depicting glorification of enslaved minorities..we as humanity are gradually flourishing! I believe it is because instead of us vs them or us vs nature, we in our slower co-existence with all beings, can no longer deny we, nature, and the changed world are not separate entities. We are nature. Nature is us. We are awakening. We called this in. We did not expect it to unfold in the way it has, but we repeatedly stated the words, and words have power:” The world of greed, destruction of the environment, imbalance of all elements has to change! “
So here we are learning to co-exist in the time of forced stillness, the time of forced inner balance, and the time of no more denial. Instead of fighting AGAINST broken systems, hatred among people, we are given one— if not the greatest opportunity humanity has ever witnessed…we can stand FOR kindness, resolution, and balance with the co-existence with our brotherhood-sisterhood we have craved since time began.. I thank nature for opening the door allowing us to see first in animals, plants, air, waters, and land how peaceful resting can be the portal to co-existence with all of us together as one United, Integrated Species.