As we welcome 2020 I encourage us each to take the time to communicate within ourselves the truth of our authenticity. So often we are allowing our internal disconnection within to create de focusing  activities such as texting ,emailing, social media ,and noise generating participation. We have blocked so often our own communicationContinue reading “PARTNERING WITH OUR NEW YEAR’S INTENTIONS”

The Radiant Opportunity of Winter Solstice

For thousands of years cultures all over the world have celebrated Winter Solstice. It is an ancient celebration of Celebration of the Light , the shortest day and the longest night Of the year. It is the sacred transition as Fall ends and Winter begins. Embracing the powerful magic of the Solstice, our ancient ancestorsContinue reading “The Radiant Opportunity of Winter Solstice”

Honoring Ourselves By Creating Our Unique Holiday Traditions

     It is my heartfelt belief we each deserve to celebrate this time of year in the way that reflects who we are in the present. That means celebrating, choosing to be alone, celebrating with family or friends, celebrating with spiritual groups, or not celebrating.      Being a creative spirit who marches toContinue reading “Honoring Ourselves By Creating Our Unique Holiday Traditions”

Why Don’t The Relationship Players Of Your Life Really See You?

We may not like to know this truth but here it is. We choose our partners, our bosses, our friendships, our advisors based on reflections of inter-connections. All our relationships are a mirror looking back at ourselves!  We may express we want to be seen, and even express “ I see you” to another. BeingContinue reading “Why Don’t The Relationship Players Of Your Life Really See You?”