What If You Knew You Could Live An Amazing Life ?

I spent much energy and thought on how my life could be better. At some points I thought it would be better if I had more of this or that. Then at other times I was sure if I had less ..less stuff, less responsibilities, less thinking, less time to get it all done inContinue reading “What If You Knew You Could Live An Amazing Life ?”

The Opportunity For Balance

The Northern Hemisphere on September 22, 2022 welcomes the Autumn Equinox, a time in which day and night are equal in length. Since ancient times it has been celebrated as a powerful energetic and transitional time landing between the time of the seasonal periods of Light and the Darker aspects we experience. Autumn Equinox invitesContinue reading “The Opportunity For Balance”

Being A Transparent and Authentic Friend

There was the me who once upon a time felt a need to hide certain aspects of who I really was. I believe growing up in a world and a household of mixed messages gave me indirect ideas that being vulnerable was not safe. Then there was that issue with trust I carried with meContinue reading “Being A Transparent and Authentic Friend”

Resilience Is Your SuperPower

We came from ancestors who survived Tyrannosaurus Rex viewing people as their entree and those who walked before us who faced earth changes and near annihilation . Our DNA carries Survivor-Resilience. Repeatedly, I reflect on past cultures and what we have forgotten. Thriving in times of unexpected chaos can awaken within each of us solutionsContinue reading “Resilience Is Your SuperPower”