The Importance of Listening And Cooperating With Our Inner Messages

For a few years I have known in my heart and mind that we hold all our own answers within. We receive continuous messages from our intuition, our cells, our organs, every part of us. The Ancient Ones in past civilizations and cultures knew this crucial fact, and taught this sacred knowledge to all. WeContinue reading “The Importance of Listening And Cooperating With Our Inner Messages”

Embracing Connections

We, travelers, as spirits in human suits, know our connections with others have the potential to reduce stress ,live longer and happier lives, and increase our self confidence. However, even though we claim this truth, we often carry beliefs and self-sabotaging, self-defeating patterns blocking the vulnerability and intimacy necessary for the connection experiences we crave!Continue reading “Embracing Connections”

Those Monkeys In My Tribal Monkey Mind Inner Community

    I spent most of my adult life being a driven workaholic until I was forced into early retirement at age 62. Because I was blessed with a “brain opportunity” in my 62nd year of living I was granted the opportunity to see how I owned and claimed a series of distracting activities. BeforeContinue reading “Those Monkeys In My Tribal Monkey Mind Inner Community”

What Butterflies Have Taught Me

     Clouds, trees, animals, dandelions, and lightening bugs are memories of my childhood that made me feel alive and made me forget many uncomfortable experiences as I was growing up. Living my childhood in the age before computers being outside was a complete and utter luxury. I loved hanging outside until dusk playing games,Continue reading “What Butterflies Have Taught Me”

Why We Continue To Avoid Self Love

Instead of reaching for the stars, we pick up the closest two-by-four to use in beating ourselves for not achieving our goals. We cannot seem to move out of our own way. Numerous  life-show stoppers prevent us from loving ourself. Have you actually ever stopped to consider the one person you have a life timeContinue reading “Why We Continue To Avoid Self Love”

The Shift That Can Happen When Someone Believes In Us

When someone believes in you, an entire shift of consciousness can happen….our fears decrease, our courage gets a bit stronger, we hold our head up a little higher, and we become inspired to have the confidence and self worth to believe in ourself. I had an English teacher in high school named Mrs. Wilkie. SheContinue reading “The Shift That Can Happen When Someone Believes In Us”