The Shift That Can Happen When Someone Believes In Us

When someone believes in you, an entire shift of consciousness can happen….our fears decrease, our courage gets a bit stronger, we hold our head up a little higher, and we become inspired to have the confidence and self worth to believe in ourself. I had an English teacher in high school named Mrs. Wilkie. SheContinue reading “The Shift That Can Happen When Someone Believes In Us”

Co-existing With the Healed and Unhealed

Being an observer of people, even while participating, I am grantedĀ opportunities in my co-existence as I move about the world. I have a belief that I, at various times, run into the same relationship with a different face. The relationship has gone through cycles , and when I am needing to grow andĀ raise my vibrationContinue reading “Co-existing With the Healed and Unhealed”