The journey and insights

I love the clean,simplistic focus and harmony presoent in feng chi all over Beijing;the overpopulated oppression is present as so many here search for balance,ability to become financially stable,however,the people are warm and friendly,enabling me to hold onto the feeling I am not a stranger in a strange land; anywhere I travel,I always seem toContinue reading “The journey and insights”

What Is Your Dream That You Have Never Quit Dreaming?

On Friday I will begin my trek from my home in South Asheville, North Carolina to  Monterey Bay, California; I am planning a relaxing weekend with friends before I fly off to Beijing, Tibet, and Chengdu, China. This is an educational journey for me as I will be joining a group of speech language pathologistsContinue reading “What Is Your Dream That You Have Never Quit Dreaming?”