Sometimes There Just Is No Explanation

My day began as I joined millions of peaceful like minded souls who were praying for world peace and peace in Syria as the courageous James Twyman along with a few friends flew into Syria. Yes ,he flew into ISIS controlled Syria on a peace mission. I heard about this event a couple of weeksContinue reading “Sometimes There Just Is No Explanation”

In Search of Healthy Cuisine While Traveling On The Road

It is challenging enough when I am in my hometown to find healthy choices to eat and drink, but on the road it can be even more frustrating! I fluctuate between vegetarianism and veganism ,have gluten/wheat sensitivities, refuse to drink tap water, do not drink alcohol, and juice daily. Because a few moons ago IContinue reading “In Search of Healthy Cuisine While Traveling On The Road”

It Is The Journey, Never The Destination

Another journey, another adventure begins on this glorious day, January 20, 2016! Each step , each moment contains sacred information and experiences . My intention is to pay closer attention to the unfolding of my destiny as it is revealed in a variety of awakenings! Traveling solo to some people is frightening. To me itContinue reading “It Is The Journey, Never The Destination”

Cultural Experience: The Squatty-Potty

 Long before my arrival in China I received warnings but even with those warnings, I was unprepared for my first experience of using a Squatty Potty! Now I will tell you I am from the mountains of North Carolina, have done my share of relieving myself in the woods or on a camping trip.Continue reading “Cultural Experience: The Squatty-Potty”

Cultural/Entertainment Events

This journey I took was composed of professional activities, sightseeing, and a few entertaining events. I wanted to share with you the entertainment events I attended. 1. In Beijing a few of our group attended a show called: Legend of Kung Fu.This is the description from the website ( “The story follows the story ofContinue reading “Cultural/Entertainment Events”