Embracing Connections

We, travelers, as spirits in human suits, know our connections with others have the potential to reduce stress ,live longer and happier lives, and increase our self confidence. However, even though we claim this truth, we often carry beliefs and self-sabotaging, self-defeating patterns blocking the vulnerability and intimacy necessary for the connection experiences we crave!Continue reading “Embracing Connections”

Those Monkeys In My Tribal Monkey Mind Inner Community

    I spent most of my adult life being a driven workaholic until I was forced into early retirement at age 62. Because I was blessed with a “brain opportunity” in my 62nd year of living I was granted the opportunity to see how I owned and claimed a series of distracting activities. BeforeContinue reading “Those Monkeys In My Tribal Monkey Mind Inner Community”

Why We Continue To Avoid Self Love

Instead of reaching for the stars, we pick up the closest two-by-four to use in beating ourselves for not achieving our goals. We cannot seem to move out of our own way. Numerous  life-show stoppers prevent us from loving ourself. Have you actually ever stopped to consider the one person you have a life timeContinue reading “Why We Continue To Avoid Self Love”

Are You Distracted?

“ Distracted from distraction by distraction” ( T.S. Eliot) Distraction: Something that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else Internal distractions: Thoughts, conflicts, obsessive thinking, and emotional states of being External distractions: Noises, people talking, temperatures, odors, electronics, and technology When I was growing up in the 1950-1960’s I had no internet butContinue reading “Are You Distracted?”

Co-Existing With Grief In The Journey

I have had my share of losses in my lifetime…two romantic partners whom I walked beside as they left this world , all my uncles and aunts except one, all grandparents, both my parents, several devoted cats and dogs, friendships, jobs, homes, and the list is endless.  No one in my educational settings or in myContinue reading “Co-Existing With Grief In The Journey”

Choosing To Release All In The Name Of Personal Freedom

Having experienced in the past three months the deaths of both my elderly parents I was inspired to take a three week adventure to Scotland. This journey turned out to be the greatest transformation of my life! It did include mystical and magical experiences, but even greater than those was the inner transmutation of peopleContinue reading “Choosing To Release All In The Name Of Personal Freedom”