The Adventure of Stillness

     I gave up watching television six years ago. I never dreamed I would . Having grown up in a home where our tv was continuously streaming into my senses, it was just one of the many distractions I had become familiar with.

     It seems forever I had to always stay busy either working, researching any topic that popped into my head, reading, learning new skills and information, or thinking how to fill my days and nights. I was definitely a workaholic even in my leisure time.

I have loved traveling as long as I can remember. Enjoying art, scenery, food, people exhilarated me. Even traveling I had to be busy doing..going..

I cannot pinpoint the date but sometime ago I began enjoying being absolutely quiet and still. I don’t mean meditating times, but I enjoy that,too. I just sat and did nothing….either in my home or outside. The more instilled with stillness I had, the more calmness came to my inner self. It became almost a sacred Spiritual Practice. My stillness had only two elements….doing nothing and breathing in the stillness.

It seems our world has evolved into one of chaotic creation to fill every waking moment with “doing”. Are we obsessed with doing to distract ourselves from our thoughts and feelings? Are we so afraid to be alone in our own mind, body, spirit that we never give ourselves a break from chaotic madness of busyness to the point of distraction?

I remember observing my elderly Father who  had become  legally blind sitting doing nothing, voicing to me how he worried he was useless because his ability to do, to create, to help others had been ripped from him. I tried to share with him how great I thought the opportunity was to only embrace stillness and quiet. He honored my choice for me but thought being forced into it was a cruel act of God!

Sometime after I had given up the need for social noise and Universal busyness I remembered being this little kid, swinging on my swing or sitting under a grove of pine trees doing nothing except enjoying stillness. There were no computers or smartphones back then. Even when I had my childhood struggles of dysfunction by those inflicting harm on me (and I did!) I could embrace stillness and sensory pleasures when I returned to my self time and doing nothing.

I doubt I need to persuade you that the act of stillness speaks to your soul but you may not know how to even begin. Here are some ideas:

– Put stillness time daily on your calendar. Do it before you do anything..before breakfast, newspaper reading, exercise,etc.

– Designate your stillness location. Go in your office and shut the door. Turn off the phone. Go sit in the backyard.

– Consider setting an alarm. Start with 5 or so minutes.

– Just relax and don’t be concerned. Just choose and make the intention to be present with yourself. Congratulate yourself for this crucial gift . Don’t beat yourself up if you forget everyday to be still. Practice makes progress.

Changing our mindset from it is important to be busy to I owe it to myself to be quiet and still just may be the greatest solution of your life.

S-h-h- h.  Did you hear that stillness?


Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

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