Choosing Compassion

Every action we take is based on a subconscious belief. What we choose to act out of and respond or react to is a choice. We each have free will and can choose fear or we can choose compassionate love. The question  we can ask ourselves, in any moment, in any situation , is do I desire to choose fear (masked as anger, blame, sadness, disgust) or do I desire to feel compassion ( understanding, love, kindness, empathy).

When I choose compassion over fear, it is usually because I am comfortable in my own skin, grounded, and emotionally balanced. It is also ,at times, because I have paused briefly before reacting , taken a few calming breaths, and even  mentally walked in the other person’s moccasins.

I was not always a non-reactor . It took much willingness to take out my proverbial shovel to begin deep inner work  to initially accept, become aware, and claim how my innermost self …the unawakened, clueless self ,directly created realities in my outside situations. Before getting gut level honest with myself, I pointed my fingers of blame, reacted by losing my cool, and was sure if everyone else would just act right ( I.E. live by my preordained set of unspoken rules) I would be happy!

After multiple painful and frustrating experiences and, finally awakening ,I took that long road from my head to my heart, and began choosing compassion over fear in various relationships ,partnerships, business re, friendships, social group settings, emails and social media interactions.

As I make the choice of compassion over fear, incredible gifts have revealed themselves:

– I view others,  even those who treat me with disrespect,   bullying, and snobbery differently , realizing their behaviors are about them, not me, as they are trying to go through their own issues the best that they can.

– I see my challenges as opportunities to embrace my own growth and cycles of transformational change.

– I focus on forgiveness of myself and others, surrendering what has happened in the past, walking away from situations and people no longer in my Greatest Good, and find joy in  living in the present.

-I have more self loving moments of speaking my personal truth and honestly ask for what I need without fears blocking my authenticity.

– I stop berating myself, accepting my and your humaneness, and show all of us compassion.

The more frequently I choose compassion over fear , even when my subconscious ego that only computes past fearful experiences and tries to convince me compassion is not valid, the more I feel safe in the arms of peace.

Choosing loving compassion empowers me to not only be present for myself but to also to be present in all relationships. All that is required to honor the peaceful choice is to align compassionate love intentions and thoughts in my subconscious. When those old, fear based beliefs show up, I can flood them with love, thanking them gratefully for serving my past, and continue to create more space for my new beliefs as I walk my talk in my shifted perspective.


Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

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