Cultural/Entertainment Events

This journey I took was composed of professional activities, sightseeing, and a few entertaining events. I wanted to share with you the entertainment events I attended.
1. In Beijing a few of our group attended a show called: Legend of Kung Fu.This is the description from the website ( “The story follows the story of a young boy found wandering outside an ancient temple. Like every boy in China, he dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master. On the road to enlightenment the young monk encounters many difficulties and temptations.

The show has English subtitles shown above the stage to keep you informed of the story line. The actors do not speak, the show is all Kung Fu, dance and acrobatics. It is the fusion of modern dance with Chinese traditional arts which make this performance unique and spectacular. ”

This story filled my soul and inspired me as I have chosen to confront my own demons and temptations throughout my own journey of spiritual growth. What I came away with spiritually was to recognize when my EGO has tried to take credit for the incredible opportunities in my life. When we each live daily out of service for humankind, we will be tempted to take credit, but as we grow spiritually, we can choose to give credit only for our part in participating, not in the outcome. The music, dance, acrobatics, and theme of this show made my heart smile!

2. In Tibet at the Mad Yak Restaurant we were entertained by traditional Tibetan dancing and singing by artisans in beautiful costumes. I loved the music and the dancing. As a matter of fact I had said that morning to someone that I wanted to see Tibetan dancing! I really did manifest all sorts of experiences on this trip!

3. In Chengdu we attended a show at the Shufengyayun Teahouse located in Chengdu Cultural Park on Qintai Road. It’s beside Qingyang Palace, the famous Taoist abbey, and it’s near Wuhou Ancestral Temple and Dufu Cottage. The building of it is of primitive simplicity, and has a proper style of Old West Shu Country (the old name of Sichuan Province). Shufengyayun once was a teahouse and assembly hall of famous Sichuan operatic actors long before. In recent years, Shufengyayun gathers the distinguished actors in Sichuan Province once again and holds China Sichuan Opera Unique Skills Performance for each evening, which makes more and more people know Sichuan traditional arts and the old appearance of Sichuan ancient teahouse. The show consisted of 7 different “acts”, all different:Sichuan opera performance with incredible costumes and make-up; gaohu solo which was a kind of violin with two strings;a Stick-puppet show which has a long history over two thousands of years. The beauty of the World is adopted from an excerpt of Sichuan Opera; The story is about a fairy, who descended on the world and was infatuated with the life of human and the beauty of the world; Rhythm of Shu Yun is a particular art form consisting of talking, singing, Sichuan folk instruments performing, and dancing; a Suona solo which is known as Chinese trumpet: Birds in the Woods is the most expressive Suona composition which describes merry birdcall of hundreds of birds in the woods;next, an incredible Hand shadow show which is an ancient folk art, and finally the most incredible Changing Faces Act.During the performance, the performers change their masks in a magic way to show the rapid diversification. Since this was a tea house, we sipped incredible tasting tea during the show! This show was awesome and one that will be held in my memory for years to come!

Experience of Being Sick in Tibet

Before I share my story , I will tell you that from the beginning of my decision to go to Tibet and China, my greatest intention was to learn all I could about ancient Tibetan medicine. I often manifest what I create intentions around so the fact that I was sick did not come as a great surprise to me!
Prior to coming to Tibet each of the group received information about altitude sickness and the advisement of taking medicine BEFORE arriving in Tibet.I am not thrilled about taking medicine, especially not thrilled about only relying on Western Medicine so I opted to pick up an herbal medicine at my local health food store. I only took it once before arriving in Tibet and decided I would not need it! In each room of the hotel were supplied two small oxygen tanks that last 10-15 minutes, and the hotel has a Tibetan doctor available 24/7. The first night in Tibet I became extremely hot, even though I did not have a fever; in addition I became feeling quite nauseous; in the early morning I used the first oxygen tank and that day participated in the group’s planned events. I completely lost my appetite and stayed in the room the second night without eating, and had developed the most intense headache I have ever experienced. With my roommate’s help and encouragement, I used the second oxygen tank. I then developed more nausea with dry heaves, more waves of being very hot, dizziness, and very strange dreams when I could sleep. During the night I heard an inner message that I was not to go with the group on Day 3. The second day we had visited a Tibetan Hospital and that was the primary reason I had come on this journey. Our host was a doctor who had trained in the USA, and had returned to Tibet to practice medicine after being disillusioned with Western Medicine. I was fascinated with this man’s description of Tibetan Medicine to the point that my soul longed to stay in Tibet and learn more from him! In spite of being sick, I am so pleased that I attended this professional event!
Back to Day 3….I was going to try to eat breakfast but as I went by the hotel clerk’s desk, I stopped and told the clerk I needed the doctor. I was instructed to return to my room. I had felt worse on Day 2 than I did this day but learned long ago it is imperative that I always listen to the messages of my body. The doctor, who did not speak English came to my room shortly and took my vital signs. My blood pressure was pretty normal for me, no fever, but my oxygen saturation level which is supposed to be 98-100, was 57! I also had noticed walking to my room to wait for the doctor that I was having difficulty walking. My treatment consisted of a huge oxygen tank hooked up with a nasal canula for 6 hours , an IV for rehydration into which the doctor injected liquid herbal medicine, and I was given 3 different sets of Tibetan herbal medicine which I took by mouth; one set was 3 triangular very hard pill like medicine that I was told to chew. By this time the doctor had called a hotel staff member who spoke English to come to the room to inform me what was happening. I slept most of the day, and finally was feeling better. That night I was able to eat 50% of my dinner and slept well. The next day when I awakened I could not believe how great I felt! I felt I was 20 years younger with the energy I had many years ago. Even at my best at age 59, I feel energetic but the difference after Tibetan medicine was incredible! I still feel it! So my intention of learning about Tibetan medicine was to experience it first hand, the way the Universe and my Creator know I learn! So, I am actively searching for a Tibetan doctor on the East Coast where I live. I have long believed in the combination of Western/Eastern medicine, and this experience further validated my belief. Altitude sickness affects some, but not all people. Lhasa is around 12,000 feet. I did drink plenty of water before arriving, and took vitamins, am in good health. Why I developed altitude sickness does not concern me. I am grateful for this experience and it will not stop me from returning to Tibet in the future!

Insights on Tibet

Just being in Tibet alone was a spiritual experience for me! Everywhere I went men and women were in the streets of Lhasa walking with prayer wheels and the high sacredness was encompassing each Creation! It was strange to see police on every corner and they seemed fascinated by groups of us from the USA, Canada, Greece, and other places we each reside; it is illegal in Tibet to take photos of the police by the way; I imagine it is so we will not spread propaganda about them; one time two of the women in my group were taking pictures from the bus on our way to a professional meeting; the police stopped the bus , thinking the women had taken their pictures; fortunately, they had not or else we may not have seen them after that event! I was not intimidated by the police at all; the people of Tibet did not exude a feeling of being in a state of being restricted even though they are; their spirituality exudes from every area of living and I felt blessed to be there! The mountains and water in/around Lhasa is incredible! I loved being in the market places and watching the people, even those who tried to insist I buy their wares! My most incredible experience was when we visited the Summer Palace of the Dali Lama; You could feel the spirit of his presence, and every night I dreamed of him speaking of love and compassion; the gardens at this Palace were gorgeous and so peaceful; I came away from Tibet more peaceful and alive than I have ever felt in my life, knowing I will never be the same as I was before I arrived in Lhasa.

Last night in China

Ahhh what a great day! After breakfast spent whole morning at Panda Research center where I got to see black/white pandas and awesome red pandas; red pandas look more like raccoon or lemur related; was so much fun! Then the group visited a hospital and discussed audiological and ENT related topics; very few speech language pathologists in China so the need is quite high; I will definitely think about coming back! Tomorrow I have a 5am wake up call and will head to airport @ 6:20am, headed for the long flight to L.A.; I am spending night in LA near airport then flying home on Sunday; as I process more of my journey, will continue to write on this blog for a while
Thanks for traveling with me!


Flew into Chengdu today around 1:30pm; oh my…the Kempinski Hotel is best one yet! Overlooking highly populated city of 14 million, very luxurious! We had one hour to freshen up, then went to an incredible park of multitudes of bamboo species and incredible landscaping! So beautiful! In this park we sat in a teahouse sipping jasmine tea and relaxed! Was so peaceful! Then we went to a restaurant where the 4 of us who are vegetarian received the most choices of food on whole trip! For most meals several entrees and sides are placed on a large glass lazy Susan rotating centerpiece and we all at each table share the food; then we drove through the Chengdu version of China Town to a teahouse where we watched a great show of several artists(a puppeteer, a hand shadower, an operatic act, a changing faces act and 3 other acts; all were magnificent!
It is 11:30 pm here and since I have to be at breakfast at 7am, I will say good night! Oh…breathing all the way to my ribs again since we are out of Sacred. Tibet’s high altitude.
Tomorrow’s agenda is hanging with pandas, a professional visit to a hospital for hearing impaired, and our farewell
dinner! I really do love China!

Last night in Tibet

What a jam packed wonderful day! Woke up feeling 20 years younger after medical treatment yesterday. First group and I went to the Summer Palace which D.L. Used! Very spiritually sacred to me;gorgeous artifacts and gardens there
Next went to Sera Monastery to see sand made mandalas and watched monks debating! They would ask a younger in training monk a question and if wrong answer or disapproval of statement monk would twirl beads.seemed weird to see monks debating to me! Came back to hotel for a. Full course lunch then got to go into the country where we visited a Tibetan family.A great way to see real life as opposed to tourist life of TIbetans! Finally we all had dinner at Tibet Yak where we were entertained by male and female Tibetan dancer/singers!Tomorrow we leave at 8am for airport to fly to Chendu! I feel as if I have always been in Tibet. I am sure that does not surprise you! I truly love it here
Peace and love

The journey and insights

I love the clean,simplistic focus and harmony presoent in feng chi all over Beijing;the overpopulated oppression is present as so many here search for balance,ability to become financially stable,however,the people are warm and friendly,enabling me to hold onto the feeling I am not a stranger in a strange land; anywhere I travel,I always seem to adapt and become part of rather than an outside entity looking in;for this I am grateful;

Yesterday our delegation visited a school whose children are composed of hearing impaired and mentally challenged;; no speech. Pathologists or other therapies as we know in USA at this school; however art and music therapy,teachers who use a holistic approach to education are the emphasis here,at this special school anyway;we were told speech.. paths are mostly in hospitals where the children needing special services are identified. The children were happy and glad to meet our delegation!
Last night some of our group went to a store/market of 4 floors; I do not like the aggressiveness of the store workers and refused to be intimidated; also did not make any purchases! I did buy an incredible amethyst necklace at a high quality jewelry store!
Then we attended a theatre performance that was awesome! It was a story told of a Zen monk from his feArful boyhood through ego deflation events including lustful temptations and the arrogance which was journeyed as this boy was taught by an elder master; throughout the sow incredible acrobatic presentations and wonderful visual effects were used to show the Kung Fu story of a man learning peace is the way to enlightenment; seemed to be a spiritual message to my soul……
I am being nurtured by our guide as he arranges vegetarian food choices for me;
Up this morning @4:30am gave me needed quiet,self time
Off to visit 2 educational settings today….
Sending you each peace and love

Hanging in Beijing

After a very long flight with a short lay over in Hong Kong,now sitting in the beautiful Beijing Hilton. Our flight was an hour longer than anticipated due to having to avoid volcanic ash from Iceland and a revised flight plan taking us South of the original route. Food was great on Cathay Pacific and not bad on DragonAir; my vegetarianism was fully accommodated and I felt nurtured .The
Hong Kong airport is massive and beautiful with so many shopping and eating choices! My luggage was momentarily displaced and I was overjoyed to be reunited with it. One person still has not found his! Our guide, Bruce, entertained us all on the 20 minute drive to the hotel. Beijing is covered with several towering cement mega structures of various skyscrapers. What a wonderful blessing to finally get a shower and be off the plane! Our hosts welcomed the group with an incredible Buffett of aromatic and visual pleasing entrees, vegetable dishes, and yummy desserts. Traffic is non stop here; people are friendly and open; I can see myself living here and fitting in! Many of the other 36 professionals and guests have called it a night; I acclimated to China time at noon and since we will be summoned early food breakfast before our first briefing, I will bid you good night from beautiful Beijing!

What Is Your Dream That You Have Never Quit Dreaming?

On Friday I will begin my trek from my home in South Asheville, North Carolina to  Monterey Bay, California; I am planning a relaxing weekend with friends before I fly off to Beijing, Tibet, and Chengdu, China. This is an educational journey for me as I will be joining a group of speech language pathologists visiting  multitudes of settings that offer speech and language therapy in China/Tibet. That alone is exciting! But to further tell you why I am so excited…… long as I can remember I have dreamed of visiting Tibet. I cannot tell you exactly how old I was but sometime in my early years, I heard about Tibet and dreamed of the mystery and beautiful scenery there, craving to see it for myself! Next week that dream will come true! I have been sharing with friends and family since December about this upcoming journey, and how it is the trip of a lifetime for me. I will be taking each and every person I know within my heart center with me as I explore, learn, and experience places I have  only read of , places I have only imagined, and places I have yearned to have my very own feet connect with the Sacred Elements in China and Tibet! So, my dear readers, I invite you to travel with me on my journey as I blog into my adventure! I never gave up on my dream to actually be in Tibet! What is yours? Trust me: Do NOT Ever Give Up On Your Dreams!!!!