Hanging in Beijing

After a very long flight with a short lay over in Hong Kong,now sitting in the beautiful Beijing Hilton. Our flight was an hour longer than anticipated due to having to avoid volcanic ash from Iceland and a revised flight plan taking us South of the original route. Food was great on Cathay Pacific and not bad on DragonAir; my vegetarianism was fully accommodated and I felt nurtured .The
Hong Kong airport is massive and beautiful with so many shopping and eating choices! My luggage was momentarily displaced and I was overjoyed to be reunited with it. One person still has not found his! Our guide, Bruce, entertained us all on the 20 minute drive to the hotel. Beijing is covered with several towering cement mega structures of various skyscrapers. What a wonderful blessing to finally get a shower and be off the plane! Our hosts welcomed the group with an incredible Buffett of aromatic and visual pleasing entrees, vegetable dishes, and yummy desserts. Traffic is non stop here; people are friendly and open; I can see myself living here and fitting in! Many of the other 36 professionals and guests have called it a night; I acclimated to China time at noon and since we will be summoned early food breakfast before our first briefing, I will bid you good night from beautiful Beijing!

What Is Your Dream That You Have Never Quit Dreaming?

On Friday I will begin my trek from my home in South Asheville, North Carolina to  Monterey Bay, California; I am planning a relaxing weekend with friends before I fly off to Beijing, Tibet, and Chengdu, China. This is an educational journey for me as I will be joining a group of speech language pathologists visiting  multitudes of settings that offer speech and language therapy in China/Tibet. That alone is exciting! But to further tell you why I am so excited……..as long as I can remember I have dreamed of visiting Tibet. I cannot tell you exactly how old I was but sometime in my early years, I heard about Tibet and dreamed of the mystery and beautiful scenery there, craving to see it for myself! Next week that dream will come true! I have been sharing with friends and family since December about this upcoming journey, and how it is the trip of a lifetime for me. I will be taking each and every person I know within my heart center with me as I explore, learn, and experience places I have  only read of , places I have only imagined, and places I have yearned to have my very own feet connect with the Sacred Elements in China and Tibet! So, my dear readers, I invite you to travel with me on my journey as I blog into my adventure! I never gave up on my dream to actually be in Tibet! What is yours? Trust me: Do NOT Ever Give Up On Your Dreams!!!!