The Beckoning Call of Responsibility

Sometime back in 2012 I read a book by Sun Bear, sacred teacher and medicine chief, entitled “Black Dawn, Bright Day“. This inspirational book was full of environmental prophecy foretelling what was coming in our world, which geographic locations would be most affected , and gave specific recommendations of what each of us could do to survive in preparation for what was to be our future.

For me , personally, it was a catalyst for my beginning to take seriously the need of raising my consciousness as to how I lived my life, treated the earth and her beings, and inspired me to live life differently. I am sure some listened…most did not.

Here we arrive in the year 2020 and the call for personal responsibility is screaming way beyond a beckoning call for what is needed for humanity to survive, and for us each to accept and take personal responsibility for our thoughts, words written and spoken, and actions. This is the path to raising our consciousness. In simple terms raising our consciousness is awakening from our sleep. When we begin awakening and have one AHA moment after another, we are raising our consciousness. What follows—- unless we choose to go back to sleep are actions and new patterns that include taking responsibility !

When I tell you I am a visionary light worker, I do not mean that in a hippie dippy woo woo way. I saw a long time ago what was coming, and still have visions of what is coming in our future . I know I am not the only one. Taking responsibility to me is not just about how we treat the lands, waters, air but also how we treat all beings..and ourselves..human and animal alike…and nature herself. Instead of complaining about the government, the rich, the rules , those who you perceive hold ideas and beliefs that do not agree with your own, how about looking at our individual ego enhanced and unhealed issues we each presently have? Do you still believe you can keep numbing yourself with substances, food, obsessions, trying to control others, and any other addictions and continue living your life outside of your integrity and compromising your respective values while pointing your finger at those you want to blame for the shape the world is in? What spiritual practices are you committed to daily, and actually experiencing every day? Just what did you do today to demonstrate you are taking responsibility for honoring each other and future humanity? We each are entirely responsible for what we are creating and co-creating. Yes, YOU and I are co creating every single day, whether intentional or not!

That we each speak, write, experience, and act upon are concrete ways of evidence of what are sending out energetically and co creating with others doing similar acts. Is your focus of your thoughts/actions bringing you closer to your intentions of being the best version of yourself..or is it taking you further away from what you truly what to give to the world and to humanity? These questions are not asked to judge you, but hopefully are encouraging your continued assessment in aligning with being responsible because dear reader, we each hold a huge responsibility . It is admirable if your calling is to march in protests against inequality, but are you also doing your own inner work and practicing being the best you that you can be in the moment? None of us will ever be perfect, but what have you let go of and in what areas have you or are you willing to change to contribute to the peace and harmony of the planet?

The time waiting on someone else to take responsibility is long gone. Our government is not going to do it. Of course you can sit on your couch, complaining about what others need to do and not doing anything to change within. No one will make you do your inner work. However, if you want to make a difference in the world, to co create a world of unified harmony and place insurance markers into the sacred survival of humanity, there will be necessary steps for each of us to take.

Simple actions:

-Become aware of what you are putting out into the world by paying attention to the words, thoughts, emails, and social media posts you are sending.

Now set a daily intention to put your focus on the WHO you want to show the world and that includes friends/relatives/strangers. Forget your focus of doing something. Be the who first!

Once we know who we want to be…..we begin taking responsibility because we have awakened to the how we want to treat others AND ourselves! We consciously know the next right thing we choose to act upon . In living by these simple steps, we begin making a positive difference for the world, and for future humanity.

Are you willing now to accept the beckoning call to live with responsibility or do you still feel you are not ready? Humanity awaits your and my answer and actions.

Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

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