Why Don’t The Relationship Players Of Your Life Really See You?

We may not like to know this truth but here it is. We choose our partners, our bosses, our friendships, our advisors based on reflections of inter-connections. All our relationships are a mirror looking back at ourselves!  We may express we want to be seen, and even express “ I see you” to another. BeingContinue reading “Why Don’t The Relationship Players Of Your Life Really See You?”

Finding Harmony In Relationships

I have been aware for years that relationships offer me the greatest  opportunity to grow, and that being said, offer at times the greatest challenges. Recently I have been repeating this mantra to my heart and to my brain. It goes like this: “ When I consciously allow the other person to be who he/sheContinue reading “Finding Harmony In Relationships”

Why Is It Necessary To Serve Ourselves Before Serving Others?

    On a recent journey to the canyon, which always offers me new inner insights, I received the message that I may want to consider putting service to others in each relationship of my current life first. Furthermore, the internal question arose for me that if I did that how would the relationship beContinue reading “Why Is It Necessary To Serve Ourselves Before Serving Others?”

A World Of Kindness

Traveling is indeed an opportunity for adventure! It is  my personal vision to spread a positive attitude peppered with kindness everywhere I go! I hear many people speak of the terrible world our planet has become…of the prejudices, biases, acts of terror and  assault. I know today’s world does contain this side to it. I alsoContinue reading “A World Of Kindness”