Dare To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Reflecting on my early childhood the moments I felt most alive were experiences and adventures embracing the great outdoors. I thrived climbing a pine tree not caring my Mother would not be happy with me that pine resin was stuck in my long, thick hair! As a curious child, I embraced and was filled with passion and the magical enchantment of the natural world. Then a few years of dysfunction entered my world. It took a while for me to reclaim myself , and reclaim I did!

I did not jumpstart my desire to become my best ME journey for any other reason than I felt this innate pull to find a way to become comfortable in my own skin . This has not been a quick transformation, and still is ongoing. Think of the huge change from a pupa to a butterfly and every single evolutionary step along the way. This was my destiny, and can be yours too ..if you are willing to dive off proverbial cliffs of unknown possibilities into deep canyons and oceans of self discovery to meet the you that you had no clue existed!

I offer some ideas. Vision the evolved you. Draw and write it on paper. Tell the kind of place you reside in detail. Describe your abilities, traits, and skills you own and offer to the world. Write affirmations in the present tense of specific activities you will be doing. For example, ” I am a person of physical, emotional, and spiritual strength by going to the gym and being of service daily to those who cross my path.”

Describe your friendships that supplement and resonate with your core values. Then , consider present people in your life that you are willing to walk away from with unconditional compassion because they demonstrate characteristics opposing your values. You don’t even have to have an inkling of a desire to change them or tell them why you need to create space between you. Furthermore, you probably do not have any emotional attachments to the friendships from which you desire to walk away. When we look at our inner truth of the level we value our connections with those we have allowed into our lives ( whether we have had a long or short history with them) as we practice self love for our core being, we will receive internal validation of needing to either set boundaries and/or decrease communications with them. Keep in mind everything is temporary, and perhaps just a pause for the present is needed. We may never want to completely burn bridges but taking an alternate route for ourselves in the moment often is an act of cherishing ourselves.

I personally am in the midst of a great transition of moving from a place that for four years has offered me isolated stillness of nature to a small, very cool town in which I can co-create community with new people. It all has flowed beautifully, and I believe daring to become a better version of myself is emerging . I feel I am a new species of lotus blossoming once again fueled by the waters of surrendering and shedding parts of my former self. I have jumped off similar proverbial cliffs before, usually with a bit of trepidation. This time I only feel excited as I unfurl my wings and fly into a place of contented joy.

There are still areas of my life needing refinement but as we all know, daring to be more of who we can be, just might prove we are miracles- in- the- making lasting until we leave this Earth- plane! I do hope you will join me on your own incredible journey of self discovery in meeting the best version of yourself. Safe travels!

Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at www.heartvibrationshealing.com; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

3 thoughts on “Dare To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

  1. Love the blog! I remember the day I was allowed to ditch the dress and put on a pair of blue jeans! I was so happy! I deliberately walked through the raspberry bushes (jagger bushes, we called them) because I finally could! It was the woods for me after that! Becoming my authentic self? Still working on it. Had to discover the facets of me I tried to hide from myself and others first.

  2. Great post Jennye! I too am diving deep, changing, evolving and am so excited:) With Love and In Spirit with my sister on the path💖

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