Those Vibrational Frequencies Taking Us For A Ride

      As we continue to raise our vibrations into higher levels and frequencies several changes within our experiences occur. Situations, people, and more—almost everything familiar to us goes through a metamorphosis. We are taken from our egg stage into full fledged gorgeous butterflies, seemingly without our permission.
I remember the first time several years ago my relationships and work settings seemed to be ripped from me suddenly. I was mortified, thinking I must be doing something very wrong to be creating this! Slowly, I began to understand I was changing from the inside out, having an expansion of consciousness! I do not even remember asking for this evolution of spirit, but evolution of my very existence and being is what happened!
Looking back, I now see I had begun doing things very differently…without even making the decisions to do so:
I gave up alcohol and other substances (sugar, sodas, salt, etc.)
I ,who had been a meat eater forever, became a vegetarian.
I began meditating twice a day.
I not only stopped watching television, I got rid of all television sets.
I fully embraced and spent as much time as possible, in nature.
I took yearly a solo spiritual retreat.
It wasn’t even that I made a conscious decision to do even one of these things! After all, I did not view myself as much different from my peers—-although since childhood I felt I was always a round circle trying to fit into a square peg!
As a result of entering and continuing to raise my vibrations many changes came:
-My interests changed . I, who used to have to be surrounded with noise, such as television always on, car radio blaring everywhere I drove, always on the telephone, etc. I became and relished being very quiet.
-Long term friendships , especially those not going in similar rising directions, fell apart. Some were abrupt, unexpected endings. Others were that I and they just drifted apart from each other with no reason to do so.
-I began having increased sensitivities to any medicine I was given, foods I always tolerated I suddenly could not handle, was unable to tolerate strong emotions in others, felt strongly the energies of trees/animals/the earth/bodies of water.
-My already heightened intuition abilities increased dramatically.
– Colors intensified.
– When life lessons presented themselves to me instead of needing long periods of time to assimilate and process information and meaning, I processed all aspects at a high rate and quickly.
-More like hearted and conscious beings kept showing up in my life, reflecting who I was becoming!
-I began acting and voicing life events , circumstances, and interactions with others very differently. I was living more with intention, authenticity , and integrity and spoke from my heart instead of from my head. I was more self honest in seeing my thoughts and behaviors.
If and when you see any of these symptoms and changes in yourself, when it seems things you expect to always be present in your world are being ripped from your life——don’t freak out! Embrace the opportunities you are witnessing as absolute proof your Spirit and Human Experience is on the Highway of Higher Vibrations. You have awakened from a deep sleep.Do not try to figure it out or explain it to yourself or anyone else for you cannot! Just get out your vibrational surfboard and ride the waves and hang on as you keep soaring higher and higher. 

Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

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