Co-existing With the Healed and Unhealed

Being an observer of people, even while participating, I am granted opportunities in my co-existence as I move about the world. I have a belief that I, at various times, run into the same relationship with a different face. The relationship has gone through cycles , and when I am needing to grow and raise my vibrationContinue reading “Co-existing With the Healed and Unhealed”

Those Vibrational Frequencies Taking Us For A Ride

      As we continue to raise our vibrations into higher levels and frequencies several changes within our experiences occur. Situations, people, and more—almost everything familiar to us goes through a metamorphosis. We are taken from our egg stage into full fledged gorgeous butterflies, seemingly without our permission. I remember the first time severalContinue reading “Those Vibrational Frequencies Taking Us For A Ride”

Why Don’t The Relationship Players Of Your Life Really See You?

We may not like to know this truth but here it is. We choose our partners, our bosses, our friendships, our advisors based on reflections of inter-connections. All our relationships are a mirror looking back at ourselves!  We may express we want to be seen, and even express “ I see you” to another. BeingContinue reading “Why Don’t The Relationship Players Of Your Life Really See You?”

Finding Harmony In Relationships

I have been aware for years that relationships offer me the greatest  opportunity to grow, and that being said, offer at times the greatest challenges. Recently I have been repeating this mantra to my heart and to my brain. It goes like this: “ When I consciously allow the other person to be who he/sheContinue reading “Finding Harmony In Relationships”