Embracing Change In Midst of Internal Resistance

Change is so much easier when it is a situation or attitude we are choosing. However when a change is the only option, and usually one of which we have not control over , it is not so easy to embrace. There we are happily skipping through our lives with grace and comfort as we jump over the cracks in the sidewalks of life in front of us, feeling accomplished and adaptable. Out of the blue our grounded roots are torn right out of the Earth we are walking upon, and the Universe is insisting we do one or more things differently. We don’t like it. We do not want to align with it. We resist the disruption it is causing. We become a Terrible Two-Toddler having a pity party and temper tantrum, often throwing ourselves into sleepless nights, scowling at the world, and sinking deeper into the quicksand of our fearful rebellion. We may act out our frustrations to our community of people, re-telling the awfulness of the experience to anyone who will listen, and attempting to gather comrades to join us in our uncomfortable demise. Change comes in many forms in various facets of our lives. We lose a dear friendship. Our partner deserts us . An illness forces us to put our passions on hold. Items we have been accustomed to freely purchasing in local stores are just no longer available, and there is no guarantee they will ever return. We are forced to re-locate to a new residence. Our body no longer tolerates the foods we have loved our whole lives. Our beloved medical practitioner we have trusted for years retires or dies. We are asked to change our role or position at work. We are told in order to keep our job we must do something with which we absolutely disagree. Life as we know it completely changes seemingly overnight without warning.

What are we to do? We can refuse to comply with the demands being forced upon us. We can bitch and moan, arguing and avoiding the inevitable, trying desperately to hold onto the old ways and relationships we had become used to hoping we can avoid what will eventually come to fruition. Depending on the level of attachment we have hooked into and how strongly we feel our changes have disturbed our lives we may experience negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, feelings of sadness and anger, and difficulty enjoying anything.

Even after the change has become our reality, we may continue to focus our thoughts on what was, and now isn’t in our lives. We are unable to move forward effectively and peacefully.

Perhaps we now ask ourselves: Is it really the change that has caused being uncomfortable in our skin or perhaps it is only the resistance to change and our refusal to adapt ? We may discover the truth…things are not going to return to what we called “normal”.

After much fighting with extreme resistance we finally see the only way out is to go through the change. The answer is found in radical acceptance. It may comfort you to know that our ancestors who adapted in order to survive still live in our bones, our cellular memories, our DNA. We have always had access to their strength and power.

Once we reach the place of radical acceptance an incredible gift is revealed: we are given an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We are given the gift of embracing our evolutionary beginning of the adaptable and mutable self. We may even look back and claim that what seemed so intolerable, so surreal, such a crisis… was really the best thing that ever happened for we can meet the best version of ourselves …the strong Survivor who is a modern day Warrior….and when a tribe of single Warriors meet like hearted others who also have embraced change , the Vision of a new world can be our way of life as we present the solution to others purely by example.

Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at www.heartvibrationshealing.com; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

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