Magical Transformations Are Possible

I used to think it was a wanderlust within my soul that frequently demanded I leave my home and hit the road, and perhaps it is that! However, it has occurred to me that the land needs my presence as much as I need hers! It the connection of Mother Earth and her waters with the presence of our humanness that the ancestors knew made us whole. We have forgotten so much wisdom from the Ancient Ones!

On my current journey over the past few weeks I have driven to many places, experienced many new adventures, and with each one the magical transformations have changed me ….for the better! I cannot tell you that one place has been better than another. Each location has given me new gifts, new awarenesses, and offered me opportunities to be present with fellow travelers, lands and waters, and breathed in the newness and transformed me through magical experiences changing me forever!

One of the inner transformations that has presented itself is this: When I am willing in each of my relationships with others to be of service first, our connection with each other expands from a place of complacency to a place of peaceful freedom. This was the message that magical Chaco Canyon, a vast canyon in New Mexico, delivered to my heart and soul. 

I know with some of my relationships if I asked the other person how I can be of service to them, they would not be able to voice an answer. Therefore it is up to me to pay attention, to really listen without inserting my judgment about that person, but to make the intention to be present . If we each would set the intention to be present in each of our relationships, listening and observing  the differences and  the similarities , we would be co creating a more beautiful world and each of our relationships would benefit!

I must tell you that at first when I heard this message from Chaco and began reflecting on various relationships, I began to see places that I was not always being of service or being present, and much to my surprise was holding judgments about the beliefs-actions-ideas of certain people in my world! These are people I claim to love and care about deeply! It took me a little while to accept these things about myself for I consider me to be compassionate, open, and non judgmental with most people! Willing to go deeper and to be vulnerable requires a leap of trust that although the truth may cause me to feel uncomfortable in my own skin at first, when I am honest with my self assessments, I can surrender what I find, and take those baby footsteps into being more of the person I desire to be in each of my relationships.

When we each become aware and are willing to look at the incredible opportunities the seemingly chaotic political world we have been experiencing since the USA election has presented , we just might see that the situation is showing us our own personal truths and those things that needed to be uncovered and brought out in the open within each of us! When we can stop pointing the finger and stop blaming, and look at our own imperfections, amazing magical transformations are possible. 

Just as my journey  has opened my eyes more fully and challenged me to look at myself with courage and tenacity, I challenge you to get gut level honest with your own hidden shadow side within. The blessing can be magically transformational. 

The destination is really about the journey, isn’t it? Hoping you are willing to feel the magic!



Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

4 thoughts on “Magical Transformations Are Possible

  1. Another “right on” message, Jennye! I so admire your willingness to share your own vulnerability and experiences, as a vehicle to inspire your readers’ self-exploration into authenticity. Continued Happy Travels! Much love to you.

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