The Art of Adapting To New Places

Traveling has always fed my soul! I guess primarily this is true because routine life becomes boring quickly for me, and I crave new experiences, new environments, and new vistas! Once someone told me boring people get bored. I think that is a ridiculous statement said by someone who has no sense of adventure!

      Currently I am in Southern New Mexico , which I tell all who know me, is my Soul Home. Most people think I will end up here permanently because I am so happy in the desert. However, wherever I go…I seem to just fit right in. I adapt and assimilate easily to the new. Seems I have always been this way. Part of it is I feed off of change. I know many people fear change…they want the world and its experiences to stay the same.For me, however, change is the very thing that motivates me to become a better representation of myself!! I look at change as an opportunity to perhaps walk away from something for good into a situation of absolute betterment! Change is the only constant that exists!!!! 

     Do I think everyone has to change personally? Well …I think each of us needs to be willing to adjust to each and every monkey wrench life throws at us! Those who resist change have a hard life to live! I have observed those who think they can control all the life situations….losses, health challenges, career changes, retirement, moving, and much more. The cosmic joke is there is NO control ever! It is simply an illusion! Therefore embracing change without resistance is , in my mind, the best course of action!

     If you are one of those who does not adapt easily, here are some key points you may want to put into your tool bag. 1. Always eat well. Make sure your body-mind-spirit receives proper nutrition during change (and traveling!). Hydrate fully DAILY!  2. Get into a healthy sleeping routine as quickly as you can. Changing time zones can affect each of us! I have many apps on my cell phone that encourage relaxing sleep such as nature sounds and relaxing music. I also never go anywhere without one of my drums so I can drum and chant myself into happiness!  3. Exercise! Walking is the easiest, and an effective way to move that body! When traveling by car which is my favorite way, I always stay at hotels that have exercise rooms. When I arrive at a new location for a few days or weeks, I find a gym I can join. In almost every town in the USA gyms are willing to offer temporary memberships. 4. Get out and meet people. Go to a juice bar, a coffee shop, a book store, an art gallery, and strike up conversations! This is my favorite connective method! I love meeting new people and engaging in a variety of topics!  5. Get out in nature! Communing with water, mountains, a forest, a grove of trees…is a great way to practice breathing and even spirituality (if that is important to you!). 6. Allow yourself to express your inner emotions! Cry or laugh aloud..whatever you need! 7. Stay connected to people you care about. I do have friends who want to completely disconnect when in the midst of change or traveling. That does not work for me. I do limit my connections but it is important when adapting to new places, for me, to touch base with those who are meaningful in my life for support and to share where I am and what I am doing.

     If you are not great at adapting to change and new environments create before hand a loose plan that you feel will help you cope. Go with the flow. Enjoy the change and the new experiences you encounter!! 

     Maybe you are like I am, and adapt like a fish out of water…learning to swim in a desert of dirt creating a new, wonderful life as you come to it! Above all…..Have fun and embrace all experiences that come your way!!!

Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

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