That Which We Experience Happens For Us!

For much of my life I wanted to find validation and confirmation that I was accepted for who I was. It is not so much I wanted to conform to be a duplication of others because I did not feel this way. I wanted to be my quirky self and know that personality I exuded to the world was not broken, not defective, not needing fixed. My search for this went across many adventures in this thing I call life. I joined groups of who I thought were like minded until I finally discovered what I really needed were the like hearted! I tried mind altering substances, various Spiritual Practices, read tons of self improvement books, listened to motivational speakers, traveled to sacred places, and still searched for that validation that I was ok. I participated in group after group, went to sweat lodges and consulted authentic shamans. I was a rebel, a fighter of what seemed to be injustices happening to me!

I ,at one time, believed the collective was right…that things happened TO not FOR us until I discovered the secret hidden away in a locked treasure chest of truth. I held this belief UNTIL I became aligned with this fact: Life situations happen FOR us not TO us!

When I was a reactor as opposed to a responder, those things I called challenges that presented themselves were in my skewed perception happening “to” me. Then when I shifted my conscious understanding that all is an opportunity , (and it is all an opportunity) I began to see the benefit of responding with gratitude instead of resisting and fighting with reactions. There have been many times I kept holding on with claw marks attached to a variety of people, situations, attitudes, soap boxes to those that maybe once served me but in the present are only blocking me. It took me a while to wake up to see what was true: the problem was that person I saw staring back in the mirror: ME and my rigid, unmoving ideas!

How do we know the Universe and/or Source is showing us we would benefit by letting go, surrendering? It is almost always those things that are not working and flowing…those things we keep trying to force to work out mustering the greatest amount of the false illusion of control we push and ram our proverbial “my way or the highway” to get them and it to be the way we demand it. We may even say to ourselves, but I must find a way to make this work! In those times I am willing to wager we think the Universe is happening “to” us.

On the other side of this spectrum when the challenge or deep desires we insist on achieving is met by us living in the present moment, exhaling with a loud sigh, and embracing the fact this is happening “FOR” us, we might finally accept and see how amazingly powerful letting go of our old way of doing life , and listening to the messages presented by the Natural World of a different way to approach anything and anyone can offer freedom. Trust me, freedom is one of my greatest core values.

Where I am in my current life is doing my happy dance (most of the time ) knowing life is magical and mystical, always working with me , not against me. Once I stop being so adamantly stubborn to keep doing what I have always done resulting in getting what I have always gotten and looking back on every situation I have been fortunate to live through, I see without a doubt, it happened FOR me, and as a result I am comfortable in my own skin and a conscious responder. Whew…that exhale felt so good!!!

Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

One thought on “That Which We Experience Happens For Us!

  1. I needed to hear this.Libing through my apartment renovation and now the grounds renovation has been weighing on me.Thanks Jennye for sharing your wisdom,love Kay

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