Is It Time To Re-Write Our Sacred Soul Contracts?

I have been observing the bundled fear-anger package so many of the “Collective” have claimed, owned, and bought into . From the onset of the Panademic of 2020 coined as the Time of Enforced Stillness, I chose to use the opportunity presented as a time to do deeper inner work of patterns, beliefs, and subtle shadow behaviors within myself. It would have been unfair and served no viable purpose had I continued, with my inner critic ,pointing my ever so long shaking finger at the “ collective energies of the world”. That being said is evidence to you that this is where my ego journeyed initially.It did not take long for me to see many Soul Contracts of the world of people were being repeated by bitching, complaining, secretly crying, and acting out in anger and frustration. I have an idea these Soul Contracts have been re-created through the DNA of all our lineages maybe since Neanderthal days.You may be asking just what is a soul contract?
Some people call them core issues, life lessons, or karmic experiences. They are the unwritten contracts we agreed to when we entered this spiritual experience in a human skin. Anyone we cross paths with from our parents to our co-worker to our chosen partners to the stranger who insults/empowers us is an actor on our evolutionary stage playing out our Soul Contract. There probably are aspects of your contract you have already mastered and others you have yet to jump successfully over the hurdle of challenging performances. Part of our Soul Contract is intended to align with our true purpose or mission we came to fulfill. What if you are relatively sure or sort of guess you know your purpose but one or more parts of your life aren’t working? We can bless the situations for the presented opportunities and experiences and release with love. This is one choice but it really does not change the outcome of the lesson. Another choice is to lay out all unresolved aspects on our proverbial table, examine the patterns wrapped in our sandwich of subconscious beliefs, and call a meeting of any soul agreements we unconsciously have previously agreed to, and re-write the terms of the Sacred Contract. How is this possible you may ask?
Get still and quiet in which you and your Inner Wise One within agree to allow the solution of the highest good in an area (Relationships, money, work,health,etc.) you select to come out in the open and be revealed without attachment to any outcome. Name and list the beliefs and patterns of the area to be addressed. Example: in work, the belief is I have to spend each day working until I am exhausted. This is a contract that I may choose to re-write to this: I work efficiently doing what I love and balance each work day with rest, fun, and joy! As we choose to review each area of our lives we may begin to see the need to re-write the unspoken and unwritten soul contracts that live in our subconscious , that have been attracting specific experiences to play out on the stage we call our life. The Panademic just may be one of the greatest opportunities of our life- evolution if we choose to perceive it as an opportunity of reflective transformation.

Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

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