Be Love

      It is not our essence or our spirit,  but is our ego that carries the belief that we each need to either constantly be giving love or receiving love. On this week in which our culture is so focused on Valentines Day my focus is on me being love itself . Mother Theresa  used a phrase “seeing Christ and all his distressing disguises.” When we allow ourselves to see each situation,  people our ego likes and dislikes, objects, and experiences as our “ Beloved” , love empowers us to surrender our critical judgements. 
     The energy behind Our thoughts and actions affect not only ourself but also the planet constantly! By striving to be love we are co-creating a kinder, more loving universe.
     It is necessary for me in  my personal life to practice being the love for practice makes progress. Here are practices that continue to help    me come closer to being the best version of myself:
– Forgiveness— As long as I drag around a sack of hurt and pain, I cannot be free to be a complete version of love. Forgiveness never changes another… it frees each of us inwardly.
-Self Love— When I am willing to  do daily acts of self-love I claim the love for all parts of ourselves, including  the dark shadow personality aspects, and this self-love will flow from  the heart center out to all beings.
-Resist judging others—When I find myself judging another I take out my huge spiritual eraser as soon as I am aware of my inner / outer criticism, erase the negative thoughts and send love, good energy, and blessings to the person I have judged. This cancels my judgment of them. Through practicing the resistance of my need to judge others it is possible to create within myself less times I want to point the finger at “THEM”. In reality when we judge another, we are really judging ourselves. 
     Being a human still , I never do these acts perfectly I do the best I can and keep setting intentions to be The Love.
     The results for me and wanting to be the love has been a phenomenal shift in my reality. Sending much love filled light from my heart to yours this Valentine’s Day week and every day.

Published by Jennye

I am a Free Spirit who practices Native American and Earth-based spirituality. I have an intuitive healing practice offering Reiki and other healing modalities at; I am an Intuitive visionary, a writer, a blogger, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traveling to various places feeds my soul!

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