Holding The Whole World In My Heart

As an intuitive empath and visionary I frequently feel the fears, confusion, and vulnerability of the global collective consciousness. I have spent much time and energy holding Sacred Space, doing Sacred Planetary ceremonies, and sending out love filled light to all beings for many years. 

Recently I became aware I also felt a sense of over-responsibility to help those still consciously sleeping, those embracing anger and blaming others. I wanted to shake them each into waking up, into seeing that which I see in my vision of co-creating a new world of peace. My visionary focus is not in being a hippy-dippy, smothering love light everywhere I go..but to hold space, to be kind, to offer energetic blessings and healings, and to be open minded looking for viable solutions.

As I reflected on why I felt it was my responsibility to get the world and its people to change and see the light knowing fear attacking anger only equals aggression and rage, I uncovered the source of my over-responsibility pattern.

At age 11 my Mother returned to the working world and I was groomed to be a responsible older sister to my younger brother, had dinner ready when my parents arrived home from work, and did the household chores. Learning to be obsessively responsible, I carried this behavior into my classes allowing those who struggled academically to cheat off my paper. I exuded the image of being “strong”, responding to what I perceived others expected of me. As I entered my career I would work through lunch, taking on multiple commitments as I put everyone else’s needs and responsibilities ahead of my own. Fueled by the compliments of those wanting to avoid doing their part in projects, not  taking care of the environment, and actively not promoting progress in the world I would be rewarded by those happy to do little or nothing by telling me “ You are great at this! I know I can always depend on you. I could not get this done without you!”

My over responsibility had consequences…my mind and body created stress and stress related dis-eases. Until I learned to breathe, meditate, and become still I was a proverbial frantic rat in a cage chasing my tail.

As I evolved into a visionary mystic being and observed my world changing with environmental damage, climate destruction, corruption of government, starving populations, and people hurting each other, I again wanted to pick up my over responsibility armor. I wanted people to stop pointing their fingers at those they believed had opposing values. I wanted the complainers to work on themselves! I knew the solution was for each person to look at their own behaviors and shadows they tried to hide from themselves as they screamed the problem was the other  THEM! I wanted to show and tell them the way out of the holes they were co-creating!

Finally, I woke up a bit more. I saw we each had to be exactly where we are at the moment. I got it..that my visionary role was to share co-responsibility with other peaceful light warriors, as the force field of us together held space for those not so awake. I saw we could Lead not by words but by example as we wait patiently on those still partially sleeping to awaken. Today I choose to radiate my visionary light onto the shadows, showing peaceful love and kindness. Will we peaceful light warriors change and save our world? Only time will tell, but it sure feels great in my mind and body…being calm,still, and only doing my part as a visionary example. Best of all, I do not have to raise the planetary and people vibrations alone.C7E0A5CC-8E73-4BD3-A956-0D51BED94D19 

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